Topic: Would You Buy the Philips CD-I Mario & Zelda Games?

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Be honest. I think I would. I know they're notoriously bad, but they just seem so interesting.


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I don't know since I never play it. I kinda want to try one.

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I would, but probably just to say I played the worst Zelda game(s).

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I know they're uninteresting and bad, but I don't mind listening to the funny quotes heard in Link: Faces of Evil.



If for some insane reason Nintendo decided to put them on the Virtual Console, I'd probably buy them for a good laugh. But for the prices they're being sold on eBay? Definitely not.

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All of the best parts (the hilariously bad cutscenes) are on YouTube for free, so no.

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Yeah, sorry, I meant if they were put on the vc for a reasonable price.


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sounds interesting, I'd love to try those just for the heck of it

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CaviarMeths wrote:

All of the best parts (the hilariously bad cutscenes) are on YouTube for free, so no.

Squadallah! We're off!

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@SkywardL: That is good way to take advantage of Miiverse!

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Yes, if they were less then 10 dollars, the CD-I had some good games when I had it, I also played these Mario and Zeldas, they are terrible but in a bad is good way, I enjoyed them more than the games they licensed to Mindscape like Mario is Missing and Marios Time Machine!

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Burn Cycle was a very impressive game at the time and Voyeur was as well, I liked Litil Divil.

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Since you can't gift games on the Wii U i definitely wouldn't.

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But I would probably buy a remake done by Nintendo with better controls and graphics.

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