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If I recall correctly, didn't Iwata say in a previous Nintendo Direct that N64 and GBA titles would be on Wii U eshop by the end of the year?

My guess is that we MIGHT get them with this new fall update. And I would REALLY like to see a lot of N64 games, since we really didn't get that many on Wii Virtual Console.


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I want them to embrace PC in a big way.. bring all the old PC classics, from Quests to Warcraft.

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I want them to release some GBA & N64 games already just so they can then get started on bringing over Gamecube games like Super Mario Sunshine (I really hope they still release some GCN games on Wii U VC & don't just remaster all of them, the wait is too long!) haha. Though I would definitely rebuy Mario Kart 64, Super Mario 64, etc. just so I could play them on the Gamepad Oh & the GBA remakes of the NES SMB games would be nice. Oh & Golden Sun 1 & 2. There's probably some others I'm forgetting too.



Here's my 17 most wanted, unannounced WII U VC games.

1. Yoshi Islands
2. Mother 3
3. Pokemon stadium games
4. Super Mario 64
5. F-zero GX
6. Mother 1
7. Donkey Kong 64
8. Star Fox
9. Star Fox 64
10. Donkey Kong Country trilogy
11. Any Pokemon games
12. Super Mario RPG legend of the seven stars
13. Mario Party games
14. Resident Evil 2 (The Gamecube version)
15. Golden Sun
16. Mario and Luigi superstar saga
17. Mario Kart

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Does anyone know why Square-Enix doesn't release any of the Dragon Quest games on Virtual Console? They aren't even on the Japanese VC. Seems like a sure seller, especially in Japan, to me.

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Because they'd rather cash in on half-donkeyed "remakes"

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The two best first-party games ever: Gyromite, and Stack-Up!
(well, it could be interesting at least. At this point, can't they put a virtual ROB in the game? Might be nice to play a Stack-Up where it can actually tell if you won.
Of course, I know this would only happen in a parallel universe where Nintendo would also care to put Virtual Boy games on 3DS.)

(though I did get a complete copy of Block for the Famicom for about what some sellers ask for a single Stack-Up part, in case I get a ROB someday)



Why port Breath of Fire II on Wii U VC, but not Breath of Fire I?

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Electricmastro wrote:

Why port Breath of Fire II on Wii U VC, but not Breath of Fire I?

Square-Enix may or may not own the translation (though from I've seen, Capcom largely copy-pasted it in the GBA version).
So that could result in Capcom having to pay to release what is arguably a much more average game.

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top 20
1. Pokemon Firered/Leaf green
2. Pokemon sapphire
3. Final fantasy Tactics
4. Castlevania AoS
5. Castlevania Bloodlines
6. Fire emblem
7. Fire emblem sacred stone
8. Fire emblem snes import
9. Shining force 3
10. pokemon stadium 2
11. Castlevania CoM
12. Metroid Fusion
13. Fire emblem nes import
14. Castlevania HoD
15. Klonoa (any gba one)
16. Castlevania Dracula X
17. Kirby nightmare in dreamland
18. Castlevania 64
19. Contra hard corps
20. Super mario world 2 yoshis island



KingMike wrote:

Electricmastro wrote:

Why port Breath of Fire II on Wii U VC, but not Breath of Fire I?

Square-Enix may or may not own the translation (though from I've seen, Capcom largely copy-pasted it in the GBA version).
So that could result in Capcom having to pay to release what is arguably a much more average game.

Breath of Fire 1 may be simpler than Breath of Fire 2, but it's certainly more well made. I enjoyed BoF2, but it's got so many flaws that I actually found myself enjoying the first game a lot more.

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personally I want to see more pal and jpn only releases on VC like Terranigma or The Firemen



Shaman king master of spirits 2. It surprisingly is a well-made and addictive game(despite being based on an anime/manga).

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The 2D Metroid and Castlevania games for GBA would be great.

Metroid 5?


Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald with wi-fi friend battles and trading added!

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My list:

1. Super mario RPG
2. Paper Mario 64
3. Metroid Fusion
4. Metroid zero mission
5. Zelda: Link to the past
6. Zelda: Link's awakening
7. Donkey Kong country 2
8. Donkey Kong 64

These all the games i can think of right now, but probably some more.



I think I've already posted in this thread and I know what I say will be lost in the sea of lists anyways. Still I feel compelled to write for some reason....

#1 Zelda: A Link to the Past
#2 Super Mario Kart
#3 Chrono Trigger

and that's it, everything else that I might or might not get will be an impulse buy that will be based purely on the trailer on the eShop and/or on the hype level at the time. Just for extra context these were the titles I got on the Wii VC. I'll probably end up "upgrading" quite a few of them if and when they come out if I haven't already:

  • Alex Kidd in Miracle World
  • Donkey Kong Country
  • Kirby's Adventure (already got on Wii U VC)
  • Mario Kart 64
  • Paper Mario
  • Super Mario Bros (already got on Wii U VC)
  • Super Mario Bros 3
  • Super Mario Bros: Lost Levels
  • Super Mario Kart
  • Zelda: Ocarina of Time

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I plan on at least upgrading what I already have, which is about 18 games(I've upgraded a few already).

My list is:
Super Mario RPG
Zelda: LttP
Mario & Luigi: SSS
Pokemon Emerald and Fire Red
Super Mario 64
Donkey Kong 64
Majora's Mask(I'll get the 3DS version if one is made instead)

some GCN games

Those are pretty much the only games I want, and Pokemon is a "maybe". If the GBA VC Pokemon games connect to X/Y, I can see alot of people buying them to complete their Pokedex.
I think Nintendo will work that out through the Pokemon bank, because then they're just sending it online as a common format instead of trying to get 2 pieces of software almost a decade apart to communicate.

There's only a few I want really. I would buy it all if I could, especially since I have a 2TB, so memory isn't an issue.

EDIT: Some games are similar, like Kirby's Avalanche, Dr. Robotnik's MBM, and Puyo 2, so I don't see any need in rebuying, and games like Yoshi's Story have become dull. I used to love Yoshi's Story as a kid, but I have other games as priority above that now.

I just want a modernized Puzzle League, Meteos, etc. instead of VC most of the time...

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Its time for Nintendo 64-games to arrive on the eShop, its really weird that Nintendo havent yet.. The whole Virtual Console on Wii U feels like Nintendo have like one intern in the basement or something that works on getting the games out..

Im not sure that i want Gamecube- and Wii games on the eShop, i would prefer if Nintendo developed more HD-remasters so that they would look better on a modern TV and playable with the Gamepad (especially pointing at Wii-games right now).

There isnt that much older games that i still feel would be great having avaliable to play. During my years i have returned to my childhood in various forms, sometimes on the previous Virtual Console (and services like that on other platforms), or on emulators or even went away and bought the older consoles and games again. So that nostalgic WOAH feel isnt quite there anymore when thinking about most games..

But of course there are games that basically never got old. So i guess that i would buy games like Final Fantasy VI, Pocky and Rocky, Hook, Mischief Makers, Diddy Kong Racing, Yoshis Island, X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse, Lagoon, the Gameboy Advance- Castlevania and Mega Man games.. and more.



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