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I haven't seen one of these in the Wii U section, even though I'm pretty sure every other section has this.

So anyways, yeah, what are some good recommendations for the Wii U VC? I got Super Mario World (my only game at the moment). What's some other good VC games to get?

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Obvious SNES choices:
Super Mario World
Super Metroid
Mario's Super Picross
Kirby Super Star

Solomon's Key and Wrecking Crew. Thought both of them are great value with 50/100 levels and unique puzzle gameplay.


I've never played a Mega Man game, but of course his inclusion in Smash Bros. has got me curious. So out of all the Mega Man games recently rereleased on Wii U VC, which one (can only afford one atm) should I choose? I'm guessing 2 right?


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Yeah If you have never played a Mega Man game than I would suggest 2. Its probably the most balanced of the games (except for the Metal Blade) and its good for learning the ropes.

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Kodeen wrote:

2 and 3 are the pinnacle of the series. 2 is a bit harder, but simpler. 3 added the ability to slide and a robot sidekick that would turn into submarines and things like that.

I think I prefer X to 2 not played 3.

(2 for me forces the order I can do it in the easiest order but I cannot kill probably half of the bosses with just the blaster. So if I want to have one game of it I end up playing the same parts over and over).

If you have a 3DS I would get 2 on the 3DS and X on the Wii U

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Electricmastro wrote:

Which Street Fighter game is generally the best one to go with?

Out of those three, I thought that New Challengers was the best, and I also heard that Turbo Hyper Fighting was also good. If Alpha II would ever come out, then I would but that game and New Challengers.

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Electricmastro wrote:

Which Street Fighter game is generally the best one to go with?

I prefer Turbo, it is the one I grew up with so that may influence my decision. I also now have Super which is good and you can add some more speed but still not as fast as Turbo but I hate Cammy so that's another reason.

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