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Sorry if this has been asked a dozen times, have not been able to find an answer. I recently picked up a Wii U Mario & Luigi deluxe set. I'm getting ready to give my Wii to a friend and her 3 year old son. Before I proceed with opening the Wii U, and start transferring Wii VC games, I need to know if games that are currently not available through the Wii U VC store can still be transferred and played on the Wii U? For example, I have Super Mario Bros. 3 on my Wii, but I know it can't be purchased through the Wii U just yet.




You can play all Wii Virtual Console games on the Wii U through "Wii mode" which is essentially a Wii inside the Wii U.

I believe the only things that can't be transferred are Lost Winds from WiiWare and the Wii Channels.

Here's Nintendo's official page on the transfer:

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There's a Wii Mode on WiiU that lets you play VC games that are on your Wii, but not yet available for WiiiU.
So if you own Mario 3 on Wii, and transfer it to your WiiU, you can still play it in Wii Mode.


You guys are the best! Thanks for the quick reply!




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