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Does anybody know how to get a message directly to the ones that release games for the virtual console? I have heard rumors that 2016 is the last year Nintendo is making games for the Wii U and before its death, I would have loved to see a remake/rerelease of Skyward Sword for the Wii U virtual console. Also make it a HD version like Nintendo has done with Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. Been looking for years for a used version on eBay and game stores that sell pre-played games and nothing. Well, I did find one on eBay and if the pic of it was correct, then it was still factory sealed but the person selling wanted $850! Too much. So if Nintendo can rerelease it then I will not only have every single Zelda game release and my Zelda collection can be complete for now, but will also pay pennies than if I were to buy the physical disc on ebay. Thanks!



Yeah, I'd rather have a HD remake with Game Pad controls than to see a straight Wii port to the eshop. I've not bought Twilight Princess HD yet but swinging my arms from side to side like I'm doing the Mario has never appealed to me while playing a videogame.

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