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Hello everyone, new to this site but I'm a lifelong Nintendo fan. I've been trying to find the answer to this question but nobody seems to have asked it at all.

If I buy a game on the Wii U Virtual Console, can I go to the Virtual Console in Wii Mode and buy that game again?

Now I know that may sound dumb, to buy the same game twice. I'm asking because I don't have a Wii Remote to check for myself, and I absolutely cannot stand how N64 games look on Wii U compared to the Wii. I would like to buy N64 games for the Wii Virtual Console even though I own two of them (Super Mario 64 and Paper Mario) on the Wii U.

Thank you to whoever can answer my question for me lol.


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There are no reverse offers in the Wii Shop Channel for Wii U purchases, so if you want to purchase any N64 games via the Wii shop, then you'll need to pay full price.

If the superficialities are your sole concern, then surely you can tinker with your television's settings until you arrive at an appearance that you would deem suitable (though this would not affect the appearance of the game on the Gamepad).


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Thank you for your response! I know there are no reverse offers, I actually don't mind paying full price again for these games if they look better on the original Wii's Virtual Console. I just was curious if it was possible or would it not let me download the game since it's already downloaded to my Wii U.

I did figure out that when I change my TV's picture mode from "Standard" to "Vivid", it definitely improves the overall image quality. That's okay about the Gamepad, I don't use it anyways.


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I'd personally prefer to play N64 games on Wii U due to all the other improvements the Wii U VC versions have over the Wii VC originals.

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