Topic: My Wii U wont load VC games from my SD card!?!

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I keep all my N64 games on the SD card as to save the flash memory for my complete collection of first party games for NES and SNES. After doing my system transfer all of my NES and SNES games load perfectly fine from the flash memory but when I try and load the N64 games from the SD card an error message comes up saying something to the effect of "This game cannot be loaded on this Wii console".

I figured that maybe I just didn't have enough free space on for the temporary files to load from the SD card, so I deleted a few games to no affect.

Does Wii U not load virtual console games from the SD card?
Did I mess up my system transfer? (better not be this one cause I would hate to go through that process again…)

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i have the same problem also. wonder why it restricts this

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I bet of you re-download them to the SD card they will work

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DefHalan is correct. The system transfer will only work on games in system memory. You cannot use a pre-loaded SD card from your Wii on your Wii U. This appears to be an anti-piracy measure. If you wipe out the SD card contents you can re-download the games just fine from the Wii shop.

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Thanks a lot. I was very worried for a while there.

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