Topic: Is The 2-Player Co-op In Gradius (NES) Enjoyable?

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I'm considering downloading this game once I get my next Digital Download Rewards $5 bonus eshop credit, but I would like to know if the multiplayer mode in the game is a worthwhile feature?

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It's alternating play like the majority of NES shooters.



Is there even a shmup 2 player co-op out there? If so I want it.

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DudeSean wrote:


I love those covers with "state-of-the-art" and "high resolution" nowadays people only complain about games lack those things

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Ryno wrote:

Is there even a shmup 2 player co-op out there? If so I want it.

The only co-op shooters I know about are Life Force/Salamander (which is itself kind of Gradius 1.5, making it odd they went back to alternating turns for the proper sequels) and Silkworm. Maybe Twin Eagle (licensed NA game, I know there's an unlicensed game of the same name).
(and Ikari Warriors 1 and 2, depending on what you define as a shooter. Though I hear neither is recommended actually playing. Ikari 3 is supposedly better, but I hear that one emphasizes melee combat over projectiles, making it more of a beat-em-up.
If one does consider on foot shooters, then Guevara or its censored NA version Guerrilla War.)
And Heavy Barrel, Data East's knockoff of Ikari Warriors that looks to be a better game than its inspiration.

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Legendary Wings is pretty fun co–op shooter for NES. I hope they add it to the Wii U VC.

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Aero Fighters/Sonic Wings and the Neo Geo sequels.

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Blazing Star
Last Resort

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Under Defeat HD (PS3/360 - Dirt Cheap at the moment).

Jamestown (PC).

Twinkle Star Sprites is two player competitive.

Radiant Silvergun

Raiden Series (Arcade).

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