Topic: Is Harvest Moon SNES fun?

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@Morpheel how would the Lost Valley compare to Tales of Two Towns?! It is bound to be released in Europe in a couple of weeks and I think it would make a nice present for my friend. The only thing that stops me from getting it is that it looks like it's in pure 3D (as opposed to the fake 3D of ToTT I think), which my friend hates with a passion (don't ask me - girl stuff!)

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Both ToTT and TLV were considered flawed by most people, but I still enjoyed them quite a lot.

Yes, TLV is full 3D and with customizable terrain elevation (and sometimes the automatic camera movements can get in the way of field work). So if your friend hates 3D harvest moons, I don't think she might enjoy this one too much.

Other than that, TLV has way worse rep than it deserves because of the situation of its creation. It's still a completely playable and enjoyable game on its own.

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It's the only Harvest Moon game, aside from the Game Boy Color version that I actually liked.



I loved Harvest Moon (SNES) I have it on my Super Nintendo. I've been playing Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town on my Wii U I would go for that one or Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town when it comes out, get whatever one you want.



I'm pretty sure More Friends of Mineral Town is coming to Virtual Console this Thursday in North America at least.



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