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So this game is coming out on both Europe and America this week.

I thought I'd never see the day ;-;

Don't think I even need to mention I'll be downloading this as soon as I get the chance.

Anyone else looking forward to it?

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CanisWolfred wrote:

North America confirmed?

Yup, this Thursday.

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Thank freakin' God! That was....the last N64 game I had my eye on that wasn't available via more convenient and affordable modern venues! Well, okay, except maybe Bomberman 64. I'm still waiting on that one. Along with Bomberman Heroes (at least for Wii U VC). But now there's a becent amount of hope, and I wanted to play Harvest Moon 64 more, anyways.

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Awesome! I played the original Harvest Moon on my Wii, and I really enjoyed it, and have always heard that this was even better.

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I think I got my fill of the game back in the day (I played it off and on until 2002 or so, got into Year 11) but I'm glad it's coming out. A lot of people missed out on it BITD and the used price is insane these days.



I own the cartridge of this game and my N64 is always hooked up to my TV.

And I am buying a Switch in a week and there's no word on how VC is going to work.

And I still bought this game today on Wii U VC. Cause I'm a sucker.



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