Topic: Gamecube most likely never gonna be on vc

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Man a usb wavebird adapter would be awesome



The great thing about Nintendo's way of emulation is that they tailor the emulator on a game-to-game basis. This not only addresses compatibility, but also allows customization, including controls. The Wii U controllers may not have analog triggers, but it has one extra shoulder button, as well as analog stick triggers, and the Gamepad has a touch screen. For Super Mario Sunshine, they could map the 2nd L trigger to toggle between 2-3 different FLUDD strengths (low, medium,max), or have an on-screen display that shows and allows setting the pressure. The emulator handles how to respond to such inputs, and translates them to analog trigger values that get used in the game.


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There's something called the ZR and ZL buttons. I don't know if you've heard of them.

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probably won't get VC releases, what we may get will be HD re-releases of select games most likely~

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It would be possible to map the pressure to one of the analog sticks when and only when one of the shoulder buttons is pressed. Not sure how it would work out...


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