Topic: F Zero X Coming to Japanese VC Next Week

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F-Zero X, Smash and Gradius III are the only Wii VC games I need upgrading.


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Its very dark on my TV.

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Sadly, all Wii U N64 titles are very dark.

You'll just have to deal with it or alter tv settings in an attempt to somewhat compensate for the inaccurate presentation. Or alternatively, wait and hope that Nintendo does it right on the Nintendo Switch in the future.

There's hope there, as seen with the Classic NES Mini. All the forum experts sitting behind their keyboards proclaimed that the overly dark NES presentation on the various Virtual Console platforms must be due to Nintendo's efforts to combat epilepsy, despite it being nonsensical and with no evidence to support the theory. Yet here we have a new plug and play console that accurate portrays how colorful 30 different NES classics were.

Nintendo will have trouble not equaling that presentation in the future on the Switch after showing us how it should be done with this. So hopefully N64 classics will benefit from the same attention as well.

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