Topic: Double Dragon (NES) Is Coming To The Wii U eshop On December 12th In North America!

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If you check out the newest releases in the Wii U eshop Double Dragon for the NES is the first game listed and it shows the date 12/12/2013! So it looks like the game is officially coming this week! Too bad it's another NES game that was already released on the Wii VC, but at least it's a good one this time! Who's going to be downloading this game or upgrading it to the eshop version this week?

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I'll be getting it for $1.00.
Maybe this time around we can get Super Double Dragon IV! Or, preferably, the Japanese version: Return of Double Dragon!


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I wish Wii U could have gotten Wayforward's Double Dragon Neon

Krystal for SMASH!!!!
Shantae for SMASH!!!
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