Topic: Do you think ds games will ever come to the eshop

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seriously, we'd have to get GBA games first and Nintendo doesn't want to put GBA on VC for some reason so I doubt DS will ever happen anytime this gen.

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im not sure if the 3ds would ever get downloadable ds retail games. its true that you can get dsi ware from the eshop, but this was software designed to be downloadable from the start. its also true that you can play ds games on the 3ds in ds mode, but when it is in that mode it locks down all the 3ds features. is it possible they could make a mode that locks down just enough features to allow a digital ds game to be played? probably. is it worth it for nintendo to do that? probably not. and if they did it might just open the door a crack for 3ds homebrew to sneak in. not a risk they would be willing to take, especially when you can still play the physical ds games on the system.

now will ds games ever come to the wii u e shop? its likely, but not for a long time. the ds is still very popular at this moment, so physical sales and used sales are still good. why would they want to try and compete with used sales? it wouldnt be worth it for them to offer ds games at that low of a price, or they wouldnt have enough sales. and would you really want ds games stretched out on your tv? to my knowledge there was one ds game ported to the wii shop, one of the ace attorney games. we thought it was a new ace attorney game and were disappointed, not to mention it didnt look very good and was small.

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