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What do you guys thing if they added updates and DLC to games available on the Virtual Console?

They could fix any bugs or glitches. They could improve the gameplay, for example: make it to where instead of of dying, the screen just scrolls down in games like Kid Icarus or Contra.

They could add difficulty levels. Add an easy mode for games that were hard and a hard mode for when you get so good at a game that it becomes easy. And of course, the normal difficulty that is the same as it was in the original.

They could add new game modes. Perhaps put in a game mode that they wanted to before, but could due to time or technical restraints. They could add in "versus" or "battle" modes to games to give them more variety.

Add in two-player mode for games that didn't have it originally, like Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA). Or alter a game's two player mode in to simultaneous instead of alternating (like Super Mario Bros. 1 or Double Dragon 1).

And DLC could simply be new levels. New levels for any old game. Or perhaps new playable characters.


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I remember they put online play into a Street Fighter game on the Wii VC for SNES (not sure which one, though).

They also put the ability to post pictures from Pokemon Snap onto the Wii Message Board.

I'd love to see things like that on the Wii U and 3DS VC.

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The thing that's bugging me, is that the reason I started thinking about this, is because I saw something online a while ago where Miyamoto said something in an interview about updated old games. But for the life of me, I can't find it. When you google "Miyamoto" and "interview," you get a lot of results.

But, technically it is possible. I can tell you that. It may take a lot of reworking, but it could technically be done. I'm just not sure how the coding is done for the VC games. How it's coded would depend on whether it would take a lot of redoing or not.

I didn't know anything about any VC game having online added to it. That would be awesome if they just added online to old games. All the old Mario Kart games and Smash Bros. (n64). That would be awesome.


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I think it would be too much work, and wouldn't really be worth it.
People who don't buy it wont change their mind just because a few glitches are fixed, and some people buying it anyway may actually like having the glitches there (nostalgia can do weird things to a persons taste).

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They're already fixing some bugs and apparently they're adding new stuff, like the online in Super Street Fighter 2: The Challengers. So apparently I'm not far off from what's already going on.


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I'd take an online mode. I know I'd rather play NES Excitebike online than the WiiWare version. And an online leaderboard (especially VC Arcade) would bring the whole point of a lot of games into focus.

Beyond that, I think it's important that the classics remain as close to their original state as possible. So bug fixes and DLC would be taking it too far, for my liking.



The glitches in these old games is what give them their charm, best to leave them how they are.

I would rather have Nintendo make new games, and stop focusing with on their past

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I think I remember seeing that Sony was adding this feature to their PS1 classics. Pretty sure it wasn't Nintendo.


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