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Played this for 7 hours today, got to Eldin Volcano. Great stuff. I need a metal shield D:


Oddy wrote:

I keep laughing at the writing in this game, too. Even at little descriptions of items and stuff. Every single detail goes a long way into making Skyloft a fully realized world (exhibits A and B: the person who sells shields in the bazaar anxiously following you around as you browse for items, repeatedly telling you "no pressure," and the fact that every shopkeeper has their own music that plays near their store).

"... It smells nice too."

Made me lol.

As for fortune teller guy: Stand close in front of him, press C and look deep into his eyes. Do it. You know you want to.

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This game was what i was wanting... It was well awaited... Great Job Nintendo... Thanks for making this great series. I love the detail you guys put in every game.



Sounds like it takes inspiration from Windwaker in character design and dialogue. Why does it also sound like Mario&Luigi like?



Oh, I'm getting this Tuesday, I can't wait!

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I watched some walkthrough videos on Youtube earlier. I love the writing and dialogue! Nintendo's localization team (Leslie Swan, Bill Trinen, etc.) did a great job shaping the personalities of the game's townspeople.

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I can't believe that there is no realtime day/night cycle, like in every other 3d- Zelda. There can only be day, unless you sleep in Skyloft when night instantly comes. Every other area there seems to be always day. That's a real problem considering atmosphere. Otherwise i'm enjoying the game a lot.



Okay, here are my impressions on the game after 7 hours (at Eldin Volcano)
Fi, I hate you, so much. I never thought I'd find someone more annoying than Navi. I miss Midna so much. Maybe some mindblowing plot twist will change my mind, but it's still unbelievably annoying every time she interrupts me to say things like "Did you know you have to press A to herp the derp!?" THANKS, Fi. Really. because I couldn't have figured that out on my own...
Also, I'm still not a fan of the artstyle. I like the character designs and everything, but I don't like the cartoony/watercolor look of the game. I still think it's like they tried to please both the WW and TP crowd and I don't think it looks good at all. That said, it doesn't distract me too much from the game, because it does sort of fit the tone of the game. The music is fantastic so far. A few less-than-great tracks here and there, but most of it is top notch as far as I've played.
Other than that, I don't really have anything bad to say about the game. The motion plus aspect is fun, and not gimmicky as I had feared. So far, I think they succeeded in making the transition from outside world to dungeons pretty seamless. The fact that there really isn't an "overworld" is only a minor issue when the narrative really drives the game forward in this one. However, I hope it will be more open-ended as the game progresses.

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weird adam wrote:

I didn't get the crazy cat thing. Seemed pointless and random. Maybe there was some secret to it, but I didn't figure it out, just kept going after I threw it off a cliff.

I did the exact same thing, lol

Also, Fi, I REALLY hate you... your talent for stating the obvious is completely unmatched, thanks for treating me like a total idiot



I hate Fi, too. Not necessarily for those reasons, but she seems totally out of place. Why did Nintendo think it would make sense to give her the same personality of a talking computer and a voice to go with it? I don't get it.

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Definitely not a fan of Fi, but so far I'd say that's my only complaint.

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I guess if the biggest complaint about the game is that Fi is annoying, then that's not such a bad thing lol
Can't wait to get my copy when it comes out here on Thursday!
At least Super Mario 3D Land appears to have broken its street date so I can go and pick that up in the morning for something to do for a couple of days.


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I like Fi.....
EDIT: I fell like she contrasts the other characters, and after the first couple hours you don't have to talk to her when she's going to state the obvious.

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I think the Cat thing was just that one random encounter. Miyamoto likes cats.


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Actually, if you go out at night later, you will see there are lots of evil cats, so it wasn't random. It just seemed weird because you see only one and assume it is Zelda's.

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I've just entered the second dungeon (after tooling up with a pouch, and potions).

When you ask Fi for help, does she spoil it for you and tell you exactly what you're supposed to do? I ask because I was hopelessly stuck at two points before getting to the dungeon entrance but didn't want to be told exactly what to do.

I'm enjoying it so far - even though I play it in my small bedroom with little space to swing (crucially, I sit too close, due to the little space I have). Yet even then, unlike the Gamespot reviewer, I am (more or less) able to get some accuracy out of the controls. I like how easy it is to recalibrate too - particularly the pointer.

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edhe wrote:

When you ask Fi for help, does she spoil it for you and tell you exactly what you're supposed to do?

Eh, not really.

And I like Fi, she's like a computer if computers were mythical entities.

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Ugh, anyone else having major trouble with the Wii Remote detecting a Skyward Strike? It took me like two minutes for it to react for me

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