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Too bad I'm broke. On the other hand, I've got a difficult test coming up tomorrow morning, and any distractions could have disastrous results. I'll pick this game up next month.

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SteveW wrote:

I'm playing on a 56" widescreen DLP TV, I take back the N64 part, it's not that bad but it just doesn't look as good as I expected, some of the reviews say it pushes the Wii graphics to the max but I'm just not seeing that, I think there are better looking games on the Wii.

Am I the only one who thinks the graphics look quite nice? I like the style in which they're done, it's almost like up to date WindWaker graphics.


tealovertoma wrote:

bonesy91 wrote:

@pntjr I saw that... I normally don't care about reviews (though NL has some awesome ones) but the guy who reviewed this is just sad. one of the biggest issues he had with the game were the controls... and you want to know why? He thought he was suppose to play it like twilight princess (waggle to swing, point wiimote at screen to shoot. etc.) so obviously this guy had no Idea how to play the game he was reviewing, and even when realizing it was his fault that it didn't control well He still stands by his 7.5 review... even though his biggest complaint was the controls...

(this guy is hilarious and awesome), check out his other vids)

Nice to see someone else who knows about Josh and his awesome videos

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You're not the only one. Read almost any review and you'll see praise for the graphics.

Come on, friends,
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Weird Adam wrote:

You're not the only one. Read almost any review and you'll see praise for the graphics.

Indeed, the graphics are AMAZING, idk how anyone could NOT like them...



I'm gettin it in like an hour! So EXCITED!!!

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Anyone else thinks it's weird that you can't call your bird if you jump from skyloft from a random place, but only at the designated jump areas? =/ Thankfully Skyloft's the only island like that. It feels kinda silly having to be rescued by other knights when you've got your own loftwing.

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target has a deal on where you get The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword game free with purchase of a Wii Bundle with New Super Mario Bros. Wii and a Mario Music Soundtrack CD ($149.99MSRP). Available in-store and online.
I wish I lived in the States. Although I already have a Wii.

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The day is here! Picking it up shortly. Everyone else has been getting their Zelda fill. Now, NA's turn! A Zelda console release (which we haven't seen in a few years) day is like WrestleMania or Super Bowl Sunday, and I'm excited! Am I right to be? Does it live up to the perfect scores it's getting (minus GameSpot 7.5 idiot who didn't know how to use controls)? Living up to the sheer magic of the likes of A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time will be tough.

Oh, the GameSpot review. With all the perfect reviews, and this particular mediocre score for what sounds like one of the greatest games ever, is that going to go down as an infamous review in VG history? Like a film critic giving Citizen Kane, The Godfather, or Gone with the Wind two stars?

Congrats! Are we entertained?

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SteveW wrote:

I'm playing on a 56" widescreen DLP TV, I take back the N64 part, it's not that bad but it just doesn't look as good as I expected, some of the reviews say it pushes the Wii graphics to the max but I'm just not seeing that, I think there are better looking games on the Wii.

woa! i wouldn't expect the Wii to look too hot on a 56" bud! At least when set to widescreen that is...Yet if you set it to 4:3/Fullscreen i'm guaranteed you'll be a bit more pleased with the crisper/clearer image. I know I am on my 42" Hell, I can't even play the Wii in widesreen(StretchoVision) anymore. Besides it's not even true widescreen, you're just getting the image stretched to fit the screen resulting in softer weaker picture quality and some slight motion issues. Set it to 4:3 and everything just looks gorgeous.

I was weezing about going back to my CRT, but i can't pass up my LCD's incredible brightness, and progressive scan which gives me full 60fps and a clearer/sharper image. Still, i miss that perfect CRT motion and Zero input lag. I here i go talking about this crap all over again haha.

Anyways! I'll be ordering Skyward sword in a few or so days and I'll be saving it for Christmas December.
I've got a date with Super Mario 3D Land soon however muhaha.

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Best Buy also offers a $10 gift card for the game or the game bundle. Warning: If you want the bundle, you'd better run. My GameStop was out of it. I went to Best Buy, and they only had two left.

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I have to finish some other Zelda games before I'll let myself pick this up (including OoT Master Quest on 3DS, Link's Awakening in color, and even the last section of Spirit Tracks that I've been saving). So... it's exciting to know it's out there now, but as usual I'll be coming in a bit later, likely after the fan reaction has started to settle.

(I should add that it usually takes me over a year to finish a console Zelda, and this one seems even bigger... so even if I manage to finish those other games and pick it up within the next couple of months, it's quite possible I'll still be playing until next holiday season).

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I think I'll wait till Christmas for this one. I might pick up Mario Kart 7, but I've got a ton of stuff to play on my iPad right now, and 3D Land on top of that.

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When you play the Wii on a huge TV, you may get some blurry/pixely image. I think, I dunno, I have a 720p TV here I believe and my games look fine. (dunno the actual size, bite me, lol)

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The reason the Wii looks stretched on a widescreen TV is cause you have to set both the Wii and TV to widescreen, and set the Wii's output resolution to "HDTV/EDTV" (under System Settings).

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Zelda is awesome!

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Sure is!!

What's this bit for again?


Can someone donate this game... And a television to me



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