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grenworthshero wrote:

but you can never convince me how Twilight Princess is hand-holding

When I can go to a fortune teller and get told the explicit location of every Heart Piece in the game, then that's hand-holding.

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Yeah TP was too easy, rarely died on that game. (only times being the first encounter against Stallord and Agnorok or however you spell his name, as well as the Cave of Ordeals)
In all honesty...I consider Skyward Sword and Majora's Mask to be the hardest 3D games I've dealt with. (and Master Quest if you wanna count that)

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I think I've come to the conclusion that this is the greatest game ever.
Also, can we have conversation about how unbelievably awesome the Ancient Cistern boss is?

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Adam wrote:

However, looking up puzzle solutions on Youtube is by no means a unique phenomenon for Skyward Sword. You can look up videos of Twilight Princess or just about any other game ever. This is something occurring outside the game and has nothing to do with the design, even if it were in fact exclusive to SS. I don't see how this can possibly held against the game.

Ummmmm, that's NOT what I'm talking about. Go to any of the gossip stones in the game and you can watch videos showing you how to solves puzzles, just as in Oot3D

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Kid_A wrote:

I think I've come to the conclusion that this is the greatest game ever.

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What scares me is when you defeat him.

The heck, your talking about Gossip Stones? You don't have to use em you know. Though I will when I am stuck, like I was with a certain side quest. I'm not gonna pretend to be a bad ass saying I can beat the game in 20 hours with 3 hearts and without a shield.

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Least its optional....Nintendo is just making it easier for newcomers and stuff. Since I grew up on Zelda games, I chose not to deal with them. (though I did look at some of the videos when I started Hero Mode, was kinda curious on how those Goddess Walls worked anyway)


KaiserGX wrote:

If you don't even plan to use them it's like there not there so why should it matter? At least they don't pop up during gameplay. You're having trouble there kid wanna see a vid?

You dont have to ask the fortune teller in TP for help finding Heart Containers do you? No.

Lets just all agree every 3D Zelda game is easy besides Majora's Mask.

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