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Skyward Sword Joke of the Day

I just found my 9th Ornamental Skull. This discovery deserve an "Got New Item!" animation.

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Right, I'm about to start the first dungeon. Did some side-quests, and got three Pieces of Heart.

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The only thing so far i dont like about this game is storing bombs in the bomb bag.... I much rether run over them to collect them ... Pushing a to pick up the b to store is crazy... But that is only a minor grip... Besides that this game rocks.... Ive enjoyed the side quest and enjoyed both temples i played so far....i got the gold wii mote bundle and i glad i got it...



Its only a minor grip but i like running over them better...anti-nintendo spot i mean gamespot hates this game.... I wish more games were this good....



6:18 into this game and just got to the first dungeon

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Astraea wrote:

Ei finally got me angry. During my last boss fight I was dangerously low on health, and Ei interrupts me as I was about to drink a potion to tell me that I needed to heal (NO S*** EI!). She then adds "hearts" to my dowsing ability, which by the way was completely useless there.

Ei? Is that Fi's Canadian counterpart?

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WaluigiBag wrote:


Can anyone assist me with the Lumpy Pumpkin sidequest with the Harp? I haven't been able to play it right. Does anyone have any tips? Thanks a lot!

Can anyone assist me?


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I haven't played this title for days now spent 30 hours into it, and I'm just past that Far-Eastern-themed dungeon.

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You can get pumpkins stuck on the end of your sword with a sword thrust, then throw them with an overhand swing. Cool friggin beans! Neat little details like that really add something to a game. I once was smashing pumpkins, now I'm stabbing pumpkins! btw, those are a great source of green and blue rupees!

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Let's attack aggressively, kupo! :D

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Does anyone else hate the techlobins? It may be just me, but I keep getting zapped by them every time I try and hit them - I even wait until they stop defending....

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What the... Beedle just opened a trap door on me while trying to exit, because I didn't make a purchase! That's customer service for you! OHHH IT... IS... ON!!!

Let's attack aggressively, kupo! :D

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Eureka wrote:

@Flutter: You're not the first one, lol.

Ok, that last dungeon gave me a, literally...after turning the game off for the night I got a a headache. Great... T.T

Next time, I'm gonna yank him off his bicycle, hold him at sword-point and force him to read my business class textbook. Then, I'm going to ask him where it mentions dumping customers on their face from 25 feet above, because they were only window shopping.

I'll tell you, after fighting Ghirahim the first time, my right shoulder was sore/tired (had to do with extended playing before that too). The next day (not while playing), I got a sudden pull in my left shoulder. Maybe unrelated, but I've quickly learned to just less exaggerated flick-of-the-wrist motions instead of using my whole arm, LOL.

Let's attack aggressively, kupo! :D

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@Flutter: Yeah, don't exaggerate that much with the sword fighting. xD
Although those sealing symbols you draw after dealing with The Imprisoned I always found myself exaggerating the slices a bit, can't stop myself from not doing it, its kinda fun. xD

Oddy wrote:

Are temples the same thing as what everybody is calling "dungeons"? :/

...Well, yeah...I think, I mean not all of the dungeons are called Temples. (aside from Skyview and Earth)

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Just finished the first silent realm. The Imprisoned and Scaldera are so far my favorite bosses in the game. Can't wait to see what else there is!

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This game looks better than any HD game i played. For me, impressionistic paintings are more beautiful than plastic- looking attempts to imitate real life.



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