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Personally,I don't care for it.



Yay, I get to exhaust myself in 15 minutes swaying my hips like stripper while pinching my finger with a controller add-on that makes me look like I'm at the ER! Lol.

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I don't think Vitality Sensor was announced for Wii Fit Plus, though it would be a good fit.
It looks like an improvement over the first Wii Fit, but I'd have to know more before being sold on it.

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I'm actually interested because it does stuff that the original one should have like building a routine. I hope to see the option for UK weight in kilograms and some more sensible implementation of BMI (I'm overweight, but calling me obese is a bit of a joke).

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Looks awesome to me.

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weirdadam wrote:

I don't think Vitality Sensor was announced for Wii Fit Plus, though it would be a good fit.

ha ha ha ha




The game let's you measure your dog and experience (kinda) what it's like to be Mario. If that's not win, then there's something seriously wrong with this world.



If it allows custom-workout plans and the like, I'm all for it. It's just too disjointed....the integration of multiple-players for multiplayer-style gaming and generally a host of GUI improvements could make it solid. Hopefully they'll release a clock app with the picture of the balance board for the DSi--they should include a random magic trick with the package and charge 800 points.

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I have yet to play a fitness game, though I definately need to. I own Wii Fit but by the time I got around to it, the balance board stopped suppoting my weight (as I said I REALLY need to exercise). Truth be told though, I'm a bit more interested in EA Active as far as workout games go. Wii Fit Plus seems like more of the same, though you could say the same about the new Mario games and I love them. Thought I'd get the fact that I'm a bit of a hypocrite out of the way before someone decides to bring it to my attention.

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Step 1. Insert your finger into Wii Vitality Sensor
Step 2. Play Wii Fit Plus online aginst old people in nursing homes.
Step 3. Die of Boredom
Step 4. Nintendo now know via WVS that Wii Fit will bore you to death.

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Didn't care for Wii Fit and I don't care for this... OR the Wii Vitality Sensor. Obviously there are those who will flip for this but I'm not one of them. Good thing Nintendo had plenty else to keep core gamers happy at this years E3 as well, otherwise, if this was all they had, we'd be seriously pissed.

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I said it once, I'll say it again.......fad.

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Can't wait.

It's an expansion to Nintendo's best game this gen.

What's not to love?



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