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I got...XENOBLADE!!! Xenoblade is my new favorite game. I love that game sooooo much!



Mad World for three bucks, if only I could find time to break from monster hunter 3

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A backup copy of Wii Party. Had real trouble tracking that one!



Rune Factory Tides of Destiny. Brought it over 2 month ago and still haven't find the time to play it.

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Due to the Sega and Nintendo partnership announced yesterday i got a craving for Sonic so i went out and got Sonic Colours
and also found Links Crossbow Training and WarioWare Smooth Moves for a good price.



Atlus' Baroque.

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Red Steel 2 with motion plus...genuinely curious to play it, heard good things about the controls.



Wii Music for $2. It's more fun than I expected, frankly.

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I got Conduit 2, I liked the first one so I was always craving for a sequel.

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My most recent Wii purchase was Skyward Sword, and I got the Pikmin Wii release not to long ago also.

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The latest Wii purchase thread hasn't been updated in three months?
I guess you all bought all the Wii games you ever need by now.

Well, I ordered Mario Party 9 from amazon. Figure it's probably not going to get too much cheaper.
I wonder if it would be difficult to find later, being it was released after the Wii was largely forgotten and maybe some people getting tired of the once-annual sequels (when Hudson was making them, but I know they stopped before this game).



The last Wii game I bought was a $5.00 copy of Centipede Infestation back in April.


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Endless Ocean 1 three days ago. I've spent some hours with it and so far I like it pretty much. A nice distraction after a day's work... except distractions shouldn't take several hours of each evening. Eeh. Doesn't look too good played on a Wii U, though.

And maybe half a dozen other titles in the past three weeks.

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#169 Dokapon Kingdom
#170 Quiz Party
#171 Enclave: Shadows of Twilight
#172 RAPALA's Fishing Frenzy


The last Wii game I bought was Xenoblade for its original retail price. I think that might be the last Wii game I ever get. Though Sonic Colors strikes my interest so I may get that as well.

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Just bought Skyward Sword off of a sale. I also bought Metroid Prime Trilogy last month. I also bought Other M earlier this year. Before that, I haven't really made any purchases since Pokemon PalPark and Super Mario Galaxy 2.

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Family Ski, Family Ski & Snowboard (so that my balance board won't be completely forgotten), Cooking Mama, Chicken Little: Ace in Action (Adam West beats Kevin Sorbo), MySims Party (just to wrap up my MySims collection on Wii; I doubt I'll be playing it that much).

Huh. I had no idea Rune Factory Oceans was also for Wii... except not in Europe. Still, considering I have yet to start RF Frontier even for the first time, it's better this way.

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Picked up Cruis'n, MLB Power Pros 08, and Excitebots at Gamestop with their B2G1 sale. Tomorrow, I plan on finally getting DK Jungle Beat along with Domino Rally and one other game.

I already beat Cruis'n and while it wasn't very good, I had fun with it. It is very janky with the handling and ugly as heck. Tried MLB PP last night and I like it. I'm shocked by the amount of modes in this thing. There's like 3 career/season modes and lots of stuff to collect and do. Haven't tried Excitebots yet.

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