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Sin & Punishment: Successor of the Skies
Golden Eye 007
Pandora's Tower
The Last Story


  • #163 Project Zero 2 - Wii Edition


Omega wrote:

Sin & Punishment: Successor of the Skies
Golden Eye 007
Pandora's Tower
The Last Story

Very good purchases there sir.

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Rod64 wrote:

Mario Party 9.

How is it?

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SKTTR wrote:

  • #163 Project Zero 2 - Wii Edition

Have it on Xbox and it is fantastic !



Amigaengine wrote:

SKTTR wrote:

  • #163 Project Zero 2 - Wii Edition

Have it on Xbox and it is fantastic !

Chapter six is creeping me out. That's some tense atmosphere inside this rotten haunted building.
Since one of the resident freak ghosts (woman with head cut off half) pranked the hell out of me earlier in that area, I really didn't want to return to that place. Now I have to.....

The game is playing tricks with my mind. You think every time a cutscene triggers... every time you hear the disc loading more noisier than usual... every time the music changes to something more dramatical.. even the crackle of a flame or, a sudden gust of wind, a random knock sound effect from a wall.... that something creepy will come up. But the real creepy stuff comes without warning.


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I just got DKC Returns($26), Metroid Prime 3($5), Excitebots($8), Conduit($8), and DDRevolution HP 3($13). I got them all for the low price of... $65. Not bad considering they were all $50 when they came out, and Dance Dance is for my brother, so I spent $50 on 4 games for me alone. Wii games have gotten so extremely cheap it's not even funny. I have a powerup rewards pro card, so take that into consideration... Gonna play 'em on my Wii U, yahoo!


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I decided to purchase the only Resident Evil game that has ever remained an exclusive.
Compared to the first Resident Evil Archives, 0 has improved emulation. The Classic Controller Pro was less functional than the Wiimote in the original but this time around it works just as well as a GameCube controller.
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I got Sakura Wars recently. This should be interesting.

Bioshock is nearly 10 years old. Let's play through its horrific environment and see why its so beloved!
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I got Sin and Punishment and Kirby's Dream Collection for Christmas, but I have yet to play them because I've been very busy

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The RE1 remake was exclusive, too. Maybe not completely exclusive, but still... I saw the Wii version of RE and almost picked it up, but had other items of priority to get.


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Recently got Epic Mickey 2 for birthday/Christmas. Liked it alot more than the original.

Plan to get Goldeneye 007 (after renting it so many times from Gamefly a couple years ago), Rhythm Heaven Fever, and Bit.Trip Complete.

Waiting on Super Mario Odyssey before "Making the Switch"


I got Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles a while ago and finished it with my girlfriend. I liked it, she loved it.

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Kirby's Dream Collection.

I'm glad I bought this game with more classic games from GameBoy.

Forza Inter !



The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

The Legend of Zelda, Kirby, Pokemon, and Kid Icarus. The best!

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Just picked up MySims racing as it was £4.00 and I heard some ok reviews on it.

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I found that the Cutscenes in Resident Evil: Archives to be on the soft & muddier side in comaprison to the GCN version. But man is it MILES more comfortable to play with the Wii remote on it's side using the d-pad. As for Zero.....The Opera singing wizard Marcus really took me out of the experience....I had a hard time accepting that this was actual canon. RE1 was perfect, but Zero got a bit hokey(ok, not has hokey as Code Veronica) and the uninspired giant insect/rodent bosses were dissapointing....The giant Centipede was just silly, and those frog bio weapons have got be one of the most useless and non threatening enemies in the RE It's still a pretty decent ride, but i feel mixed when it comes to keeping it my collection. Same deal goes for CV. RE1, 3, 2 and the remake on the other hand were ace!

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