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I just won this on Ebay so now I can finally can play Metroid Prime and Echoes! Corruption is one my favorite games of this generation so I am definitely looking foward to playing this.


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Ahhh, I'm jelous! How much did you win it for?
MP2: Echoes is also the only one out of the 3 I have yet to play either, and with those brilliant, engaging, incredibly immersive, intuitive, jaw dropping and NextGen Wii pointer controls(Woa! breath! breath! lol) the experience will be officially made 10X more amazing.

I wouldn't mind playing MP1 with Wii pointer controls as well just for mega kicks. And yesss, MP3 was easily the most amazing game I've played this gen from an immersion and gameplay standpoint all because of the Wii controls. Wario Land Shake it! is still my number 1 though.

But who knows, Super Mario Galaxy 2 may even top it once I finally get around to playing it next month.
Anyways, you know what would be pure gaming torture? Having to replay and do every single thing in SKY Town in MP3 again.....As much as I love the game(It's a 10/10 in my eyes), the thought of having to go through that incredibly long and super tricky area gives me nightmares.

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TidalWave, I won it for $53.84 including shipping. All this Metroid 25th anniversary stuff lately made me want to get this collection and the controls to Corruption were some of the best (as we both agree wholeheartedly). So, yes please I will have another, thank you. Plus, I just finished Fusion, Zero Mission, and the original within the past 2 months and currently starting Other M so I thought it would be great to have this. Metroid is my favorite series so I would like to have them all including that awesomely boring silver NES copy I thought I remember reading somewhere that you have never played Super Metroid, I cannot recommend that game to you enough The music to the Prime games is so amazing. I am looking forward to exploring some more incredible alien worlds with my Wiimote and Nunchuck while listening to the ambient music in the background and just getting lost into the whole experience.

I know what you mean about Skytown, I would love to play it again someday but Skytown along with energy cell hunting are something I downright dread. I kinda am tempted to get the Trilogy guide just to help with some of the more frustrating parts as I don't exactly have a ton of time to play games.

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I might get Mario Party 2 on VC soon

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Sin and Punishment 2 for a little over 12 I think (don't know where the reciept is).

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On Saturday I got, Metroid Prime Trilogy Pre-owned for £19.99, House of the Dead overkill for £12.99 & Res Evil Umbrella Chronicles for £14.99, those should keep me busy for a while.



It's actually been a while since I bought a game on the Wii...
Let's see...
I actually have no idea, strangely enough.
Didn't realise it's been so long since I bought a game for my Wii.
I guess that will change soon though, with Xenoblade Chronicles coming out.


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The last game I bought for the Wii was Okami, I got it second hand for €10.

Hopefully on Saturday my latest purchase for the Wii will be Xenoblade Chronicles.

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Xenoblade Chronicles The problem is I must wait a few days in order to be able to play it :/ The hype has convinced me definitely! I knew it was great but I wasn't sure if I would like it. I want a JRPG that makes me play it (since Persona 4 and Mother 3 I haven't found a properly JRPG )!

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Retail: Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga= 7.5/10 (Currently available under $12.00 at NA
WiiWare: Max and the Magic Marker= (I'm not sure, I purchased it for my son and haven't given it a crack.)

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i just pre-ordered the limited edition of the legend of zelda:skyward sword.

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Xenoblade Chronicles (which I might actually get in a few months and get around to play it about half a year later) and Tatsunoko vs Capcom.

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Xenoblade chronicles, everyone MUST buy this now!!!

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My last purchase was Epic Mickey...disappointing...still playing SMG 2 though which is awesome. I want Xenoblade to come to America as I want that one very much. Otherwise, I don't buy many Wii games



Would've get Xeno, but right here it's too expensive atm, so I got D.I.Y. do play with in the meantime.
Oh, and my last Wii purchase? That's Superm Paper Mario.

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Got Goldeneye about a week ago. Don't know why I didn't get this sooner. Fantastic game.

Usually I play my fps games with the wiimote and nunchuck combo, but for some reason I prefer the classic controller pro with Goldeneye.

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Art of Balance, And Yet it Moves, Fluidity, Max and the Magic Marker, World of Goo, a couple map packs for Bobby Carrot Forever and Kid Icarus on VC. Does anyone have any commentary or opinions of my purchases?

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