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John-John wrote:

Anyways, can someone explain the plot to me? Because that might be why I didn't enjoy it as much.

"The game begins with a car wreck, which makes sense, since this is the reason
Cheryl doesn't have her father with her anymore. [...]

Thanks =D



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WaveBoy wrote:

John-John wrote:

A lot of people put Silent Hill. It was good and all, but I got frustrated when I was chased by those things when everything would freeze over. I wasn't aware that I couldn't be holding any buttons while pushing them off. Also, I had no idea what was happening throughout the entire game. Plot confused me.

I have really mixed feeling on Shattered Memories, i mean i adore the wii pointer flash light controls and the point/motion interactive puzzles, like having to unzip a jacket to find a letter with the wii remote or tipping soda cans upside down to find a key. It's innovative and engaging ideas like 'that' that make me fall in love with the wii.

Motion controls aside, the atmosphere, the scares, the unsettling semi disturbing factor and creepishly messed up enemies and the like just aren't there. It feels like a complete tame, generic & americanized version of Silent Hill and completely lacks the iconic and superb talent of TEAM SIlent. And those Nightmares were a total pain in the mega tooshie.

I guess what I'm saying is the flash light controls and motion controlled interactive(yet simplisticccc) puzzles are superb, in a mediocre game. I couldn't imagine playing the PS2 version using dual analog, yuck!...I would of given it a 2/10 if that were the case. The Wii version to me is like a 6-7.

To me, it's the best story I've experienced on a videogame; everything connects, every character, object, dialogue, picture... it's astounishing how well written it all is.
About the nightmares, they are nightmares! being confusing, frustating and all is good for the sake of the game. Also, they are a minor part of the gameplay and are over in few minutes; so whats the big deal? maybe some people got really affected by it or just wasn't in the mood.

Yet it has the weakest atmosphere, some of the worst tunes(The mall music was just awful, at least i found it was),enemy design(one enemy only with some mild differences later on. sigh*), imagery and ideas for horror in the entire franchise. I hate the idea of constantly running away from enemies, maybe it's more realistic, but you think maybe just once that you'd beable to pick up a crow bar and defend yourself. Combat was never a strong part of silent hill as it was crazy-clunky, slow and sloppy but that was probably done on purpose since your character is a typical every day dad and not some Chris Redield operation Commando-fied killer.

Plus, the only weak motion controls in the game were in the nightmares. I hated having to shake my enemies off by waggleing or knocking down objects to slow them down. For some reason it just didn't work as well as it should have.

I dont know, Shattered Memories was at it's best during the beginning and 2nd half. But it gradually started to drain and bore me once you met up with the Nurse(What was her name? Lisa?) and that Circus/amusement park was a complete bare bones joke. Again, loved the Wii pointer flash light controls and interative puzzles/objects, Plus the acting was fantastic including the interesting psychatrist segments. But eh, it just didn't float my Egg Plant Wizard boat if you know what i mean. lol

Beginning and middle, shweet. After that it descended(for me) into depression ville. It's easily the weakest game in my Wii collection aside from Wii Play. I only keep it because it demonstrates great wii motion controls. I really dig the analog sensitive door opening as well.

Shattered Memories is another reason why i hate it when Japanese developers hand over their franchsie to an american developer.....

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There was no nurse in my Silent Hill playthrough?!?

And I love the Wii version. The story, presentation, graphics, puzzles, music, the cinematic gameplay, controls, and different endings are all perfect for me. It all comes together so well. It's a little on the short side, but fortunately it's very replayable and only around 19.99 nowadays.

10/10 - Top 10 material. One of the finest Wii games (in my 130-Wii-games collection), and certainly the best horror/psychothriller on the system.
Everyone should play it, at least once, for the awesome story.

PS. The lack of enemies is no issue (as they slowly transform into something different every playthrough), also isn't the lack of weapons (Why would you pick up a crowbar when your daughter cries and tells you that you cannot defeat them and should run! There are infinite monsters anyway and they are nightmares, not real beings you could kill!), and yeah, the nightmare shake-off controls are super easy if you do it right.
This isn't about combat, but about giving you a sense of fear. Try hiding in a cupboard or under a bed or something and observe these monsters. Then you get some cool shocking moments.

And finally a warning: Don't read some the posts above, cause they contain spoilers that take away from most of the enjoyment of the game (that comes from the story), and definately destroy your Silent Hill experience.


SKTTR wrote:

Try hiding in a cupboard or under a bed or something and observe these monsters. Then you get some cool shocking moments.

-Amnesia: The Dark Descent flashback- O_O



I think i may be adding Ju-On/The Grudge to the TOP 10 Worst Wii titles I've ever played. On the flip side based on what I played the character models and animations are fantastic and capture the creepyness of the films, the level design is pretty good graphically, and the game will get your heart pumping(especially if you're using loud ass home theatre headphone like i am. ) as it contains this distinct freaky atmosphere that makes Resident Evil laughable in comparison, then again RE was never exactly scay to begin with.


Yes it's that scary in the jump scare department all thanks to the the loud and suprising hard hitting and creepy foot steps you'll hear or when enivironment objects begin to randomly smash around. The only cheesy and tacky scares(at times) come from the ghost child(forgot his name, yet I've actually seen the original Ju-On plus the 3 american films.) when he all of the sudden pops his head out at the side of the screen. It reminded me of the TOASTY guy off Mortal Kombat if anything. lol


But for the love of Krang, the controls are absolutely terrible... The Walking is equivelent to a grandma following a trail of prunes. The flash light controls are clunky, slow and a pain to use half of the time. It's really the only off putting factor here. I feel like I should give it another chance, but yeesh are those controls Blistering bad.


But the slow pacing does kind of make sense, but using the D-pad was a horrible choice just for the sake of casual minimalism. You can barely and I mean barely move your flashlight around as you walk forward and back. The movement controls should of been on the analog stick . Plus the Flashlight controls should of been 'Silent Hill: Shattered memories" 1:1 responsive instead of the clunky frustrating mess that they are. If these changes were made I guarantee this game would of garnered a much better reputation.

Plus I'd actually be willing to play it again, but as it is the controls are just too crazy bad that it breaks what could of been a pretty Chad-rad &ghoulish experience.

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woodlin37 wrote:

hi all im new here, well i havent had my wii too long, so havent got a fav top 10 at such but heres what im playing at the moment that im enjoying,

1. Animal Crossing
2. Kirbys Epic Yarn
3. Mario Galaxy 2
4. Mario Kart wii
5. Wii sports resort (really like the plane fying game finding all the points on the island)
6. Wheel of fortune.....ahem....

oh and i did get the conduit and what a load of crap that was.... really poor mechanics

I love Animal Crossing so much. =D I can't wait for the 3DS version.



10. NSMB Wii
9. Kirby's Epic Yarn
8. Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom
7. Super Mario Galaxy
6. Sin and Punishment 2
5. Warioland: Shake It
4. Punchout!!
3. Twilight Princess
2. Galaxy 2
1. Monster Hunter Tri

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zezzy wrote:

1. Monster Hunter 3 (~tri)
2. Monster Hunter Tri
3. Monster Hunter 3
4. MHT
5. MH3
6. MHTri
8. モンスターハンター3(トライ)
9. モンスターハンタートライ
10. モンハンー3

Changed it up a bit, moved the order around and replaced one of the games.

It did say "current", right? D:

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1. GoldenEye
2. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
3. Batman: The Brave and The Bold
4. Resident Evil 4
5. Punch Out!!!
6. Super Mario All Stars
7. New Super Mario Bros Wii
8. Mario Kart Wii
9. Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings
10. Metal Slug Anthology

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I'm hoping Skyward Sword will live at the top of this list come next week.

1. No More Heroes 1 & 2
2. Metroid Prime Trilogy
3. Donkey Kong Country Returns
4. Metroid: Other M
5. Okami
6. Muramasa: The Demon Blade
7. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
8. Kirby's Epic Yarn
9. Silent Hill: Restless Dreams
10. Dead Space: Extraction

Looking at your top 10 worst list, I feel like we may have the exact opposite taste in games.


1. Cave Story
2. Bit.Trip
3, World of Goo
4. Mega Man 9
5. And Yet It Moves

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my favorites are
super smash bros brawl
super mario all stars 25th anniversery edition
super mario galaxy 2
new super mario bros wii
dr. mario wii
super mario bros(virtual console)
super mario 64(virtual console)
mario bros.(virtual console)
super mario bros lost levels-super mario world(i love em all)
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Sorry to dissapoint Lockelocke hehe
If we're also going to throw down WiiWare then here are my favorites.

Untitled Untitled Untitled

1. Mega Man 9
2. Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth
3. LostWinds
4. World of Goo!

Not exactly sure if I'd throw Mega Man 10 in the list, while Contra ReBirth is a definit no.
LostWinds 2, Cave Story, Fluidity and MotoHeroez seem to be the only other willy wonka WiiWare games I'm interested in. Maybe Rage of the Gladiator as well, but I'm just not in the mood for an inferior medieval Punch-Out!! Knock off.

The Demo seemed pretty decent though, especially when the challenge began to perk up a bit when you had to face off against Medussa.

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