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hello, im looking forward to buy xenoblade chronicles and this may sound weird but i dont really like much games that are really bloody or with a lot of gore so my question is: does the game is bloody? what is the most violent thing in the game?



No it certainly is not. It might have some, but you won't notice any with all the numbers popping up during battle. I'm 50 hrs in and the most violent thing I've seen so far is when someone gets stabbed in a cutscene by a mechon, the opposing force in this game. That said, enjoy your game! You're about to experience the best game of the previous gen, imo.

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They goriest part is the during the beginning. Some people are impaled and have their heads crushed, but there isn't really blood, but some blue stuff. A little bit later a character coughs up (red) blood, and there's one more instant with blood during that part. Otherwise, it isn't very gory, other than a few other cutscenes.

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ok thank you so much guys! cant wait to get it from ebay!!



Don't give away spoilers please... for the sake of the OP.

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OptometristLime wrote:

Don't give away spoilers please... for the sake of the OP.

Well, to be fair, he did ask for the violent parts of the game. But I'm sorry.

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