Topic: Would you want DVD movie playback available on the Wii?

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I'd want it, but I'm not sure how much use it would get considering my wii is sitting on top of a 5 disc 1080p upscaler dvd player.

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well if the ps3 and ps2 can play movies and the ps2 has a worse graphics card than the wii i think it would work and not to mention WII CONNECT 24/7 is a unstopping function on the wii that receives mail and updates and it never runs down on the ram the lens on the wii is far more capable of reading a movie than the ps2 ever was because the life on a ps2 is only about 4 years play dvd more like 2 years so wii has already proved that its worthy of such use take this for example the graphics on legend of zelda twilight princess are as good as the graphics used on movies like star wars the clone wars maybe evan better.

EDIT: sony was this close --- to not having a dvd player on the ps2 becuse they had just anouth ram for games and just anough for movies but yet they let there ps2 users rune there own ps2's poor ps2's

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Kim+Jong-Il wrote:

No, you are full of bull. You can hear the disk drive when it is loading. Take Metroid Prime 3 for example; it only reads the disc after you shoot a door. Listen closely. The rest of the time it uses RAM.

In Metroid Prime maybe but there are hundreds of other games that read the discs differently. Take point n click adventures such as Broken Sword and Sam and Max where there is constant speech being loaded and, dare I say it, games like Disney Sing It and other FMV heavy games - they're essentially just being used like a DVD, they're nothing but constant video.



Do Point and Click adventures really eat up the same amount of memory as the average film on DVD, though? I am very untechsavvy, but it seems like such a game would require less of the Wii. Anyone have the DVD homebrew channel that can comment on how well it works and how quiet the drive is?

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I would like that. I emailed Nintendo once asking if they had thought of it and they said that they might include it in a later version of the Wii. Keep your fingers crossed.



it would certainly make things a lot easier for me, since we have three computers with DVD playback in the house and thus nothing actually hooked up to a TV with a remote control and no screensavers to shut off. i've used the Wii for DVD playback via homebrew, but i heard the rumors that it can wear out the drive, so I stopped. i'd rather have a dedicated Wii than a dead Wii DVD player; i don't have the kind of money it would take to get that repaired.

@Adam: I have never really noticed any odd noises coming from the Wii during DVD playback, but then I'm sitting across the room from the thing while watching a DVD on it and not right up next to it, so YMMV, i guess.

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