Topic: Wii to Wii U transfer time?

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How long did this take for everyone else? Taking data from the Wii didn't take as long (funny ending with the purple Pikmin by the way, I lol'd), it seems to be taking a loooong time to download on the Wii U, with a few disconnection errors (had two so far). I seem to be stuck on 90%...not sure on what to do. Does it usually take this long, been a couple hours I believe. (or close to it)


Mine took like 20 minutes with 39 games(VC and Wii Ware). It depends on the amount you're transferring, and your internet efficiency.


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Guess it was just the connection...though the Wii was right next to it and it was fast downloading whatever, ah well. It finished last night after I posted, lol


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