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I wonder...
...after all these years, does someone still refer Wii under its original name: "Nintendo Revolution"? I mean, despite "Wii" having plenty of advantages, "Revolution" is also a great name. (Besides, given that you are not supposed to use "Wii" at the end of a participle, plus the fact that the plural of "Wii" is "Wii Consoles" or "Wii Systems," I want to go back to using the prototype name.)

(Then again, this comes from someone who prefers "Nintendo Cafe" over "Wii U"...)

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I still call GCN Dolphin

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The N64 is "Project Reality".

btw: The codenames live on in the the product numbers that are given to the games. Wii games have RVL for Revolution and Gamecube Games have DOL for Dolphin. (I think this is not true for N64 games, though.)

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No, because the Wii was never a ''revolution'' to begin with.



Yep. Just like I call my Wii U the Cafe.

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I also call Kinect Natal, but more for humor

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I call it my Nintendo 64.

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As much as I like the name Revolution better than Wii I still call it Wii cause no one would know what I am talking about.

Since were on the subject of console codenames where the heck did Project Cafe come from? That was the weirdest codename for a console sounds more like a drink code name from Starbucks.

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They should of integrated a coffee maker and sandwich press into the WiiU like the PS2 did with a DVD player... These thingies would of flew off shelves and pretty much sold like toasted sweet chilli chicken avocado wraps and cappuccinos through the holidays



The N64 would have been called Nintendo Ultra Sixty-Four, hence the NUS code in the catalog number.

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It's funny, even though at the time most people thought they should have kept the Revolution name, in hindsight it would have been a really bad name to call it. As silly as Wii sounded at the time (and still does), it was much better than Revolution because a) the word "revolution" has pretty serious and deep connotations for many countries and cultures around the world, so it would perhaps have been a bit distasteful for them to have it applied to a mere games console, b) many people were very disappointed with how the Wii turned out. It would have been far more embarrassing for it if it had been lumbered with such an arrogant and pompous name, and c) Wii was a much more friendly and accessible name than Revolution for the whole kooky, family fun vibe they were going for.


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And then it gets weirder:
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And then for DSi, I don't know. The DSi/3DS AC adapter has console code WAP while DSi games use the console code TWL.
Unless WAP is the DSi XL?
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I mostly call systems by their proper names. I sometimes call the Genesis the Mega Drive though

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