Topic: Wii Shop Channel NA minor changes (February 20th, 2014)

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These changes appeared today at the startup of the WiiShop channel:
Tabs for new games, “Easy on the budget” and “Editor's picks” are gone.
Recommended titles is Mario only.
New tab for Sonic games.
Two redundant tabs appeared: “WiiWare” and “Digital only”.
In addition, the WiiU transfer tool was updated with no further details.
All VC games available after the removal of Yoshi's Cookie remain.
It seems there are no MIA WiiWare titles as far as I can tell.
Any ideas on what this could mean?



It's bye-bye time possibly?

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The wifi is gone to Nintendo games but the Wii VC will continue alive because it continues generating money (a little money is mine, i continue buying games).

What is MIA Wiiware?

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@DarkEdi: May 20th is when wi-fi will be gone.

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Apparently, every week they'll change the contents of the tabs at startup, this week a Mario tab replaced the Sonic tab and the Virtual Console Essentials appeared, only Demos remained, the available software remains unchanged as far as I can tell.
@DarkEdi: MIA is an acronym for "Missing In Action".
What a shame, although Wi-Fi wasn't something too active these days in most games, it added a great value for the DS, they simply don't want to keep free servers alive and force you to buy MK8 so you could still compete online. Even the original XBOX Live service lasted 5 years after the console discontinuation.



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