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Having trouble at a game?, too lazy to beat it?, well look no further for here is wii save
Wii save is a web site in which you can download save files for games on the wii, you can get save files for wii games, wiiware and wii vc. You can also get stuff that don't thats not file related likes level maker stages for brawl. It's a safe site and many people use it, even I and it was simple.
A tutorial how to do so (not made by me)

The site


yo undead_terror bro enjoy step by step video man and ty for site never new about it...

"Its All About Those 2x Houston Rockets,5x Dallas Cowboys,Houston Astros,Texas A&M Aggies".


I always thought about finding a completed save file for Metroid Prime Trilogy. I'm not wasting my time with friend vouchers just to unlock everything.



I tested out the site before and I was able to get:
-Complete files for A link to the past and super metroid.
-Some complete saved files for real physical games.
But I then I deleted the files to beat the games on my own.

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