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Dear people,

I have a little problem! Some of my games (Xenoblade chronicles, Zelda skyward sword and Warioware smooth moves) do flicker a bit, as if some of the pixels from my tv are dead! Now I thought this would be the case because my tv is old (it's one from before the flatscreens), but now I tried Xenoblade on a different tv (also one from before the flatscreens) and the problem is still there! Is this a common issue? It's not really that annoying, but I rather would have a totally smooth picture! Could the lens be the problem? But if the lens would be the problem, I guess the games would stutter or not work at all! What do you guys think?



Have you tried visiting the Nintendo Support website? It provides troubleshooting for a host of issues and would probably include yours, too.
Here's the link:
I hope this helps.

I foresee what you'll do there.
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have you tried the same wii at your friends house? it's not the games, rather your wii damaged probably from overheating, common bug. must sent in to nintendo.

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"have you tried the same wii at your friends house?"

Not yet! I couldn't find the problem on the Nintendo website. I did send Nintendo a email, but they said I just needed to send them the console for repairs if something was wrong! I rather not send my console, since I fear losing my downloaded games! As for overheating: My Wii crashed a few times because of games (especially some downloaded games tend to freeze), but I guess many more people around the globe experienced this several times! It looks like some of my games flicker the most in light areas. Xenoblade and Skyward sword are pretty light, so there you see it the most!

Anyway, I am thinking of buying a Wii u pretty soon, and if I play those games on the Wii u and experience the same problem, then the problem lies in the games or the old tv's!



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