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I've had my wii since the launch back in 2006. It worked for a long time, up until around when SSBB came out. After that, I noticed my wii started sounding very loud when there would be a disc in the drive. It was quite annoying, but it didn't interfere with gameplay at all so I didn't mind... fast forward a few months and its doing this for all my games. Following that, I would get disc read errors constantly. Today, I can not play a game for more than 2 minutes before I get a disc read error. I haven't been able to play games on my wii since February because I would constantly get disc read/eject disc errors.

So I set up an "appointment" to send my Wii into Nintendo to be fixed. I was planning on sending it out today... but then I saw this:

Has anyone had any experience with this? The reviews seem great, and a lot of people talk about SSBB, but I'm not sure if there problem is the same as mine. For example, I get this with ANY game, not just Double Layers. I also have the really loud disc drive buzzing sound, and no one mentioned that.

Any help would be great, I just don't wanna buy this and it does nothing at all, and I don't want to send it in to Nintendo if I can fix it myself for under 10 dollars. Thanks!



I got one when Nintendo first released them in Japan; I've yet to use it, but it's different from the old CD player ones with a little brush; this actually has a film which contacts the lens so it's better than just getting off a little dust.

Now the buzzing could just be normal loading or your fan: does it happen all the time? If so it could well be that you have bad/failing DVD unit, but the disc head cleaner isn't very expensive so why not try it? It's not like you might not need it in the future. I'd also make sure your firmware was up-to-date as I think one of the more recent releases had improvements to the optical disc drive drivers as well.


Thanks for the reply! I ended up buying it as it was under 10 dollars from amazon... it should arrive here Monday so I'll test it then. I'll post in this thread with the results once it comes in!

The only time there loud buzzing happens is when a disc is in the drive, even if I'm not playing it. I think its more than just the lens, so I'll probably still have to send it in. I heard that the earlier models of the Wii have been having this problem a lot?



Get your Wii fixed first, then buy this. I bought one after having my disc drive die on me once after a year of play. It's just good to have around in case Brawl decides to be finnicky.

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