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At this point its unlikely that we'll see any more games localised for the Wii that we don't know of so which Wii games do you wish were released in your region, Wiiware games can be included too. Here are mine in order of how much I would want to play them:
1. Tales of Graces
2. Captain Rainbow
3. Zangeki no reginleiv
4. Pole's big adventure (Wiiware)
5. Project zero IV: Mask of the lunar eclipse
6. Castle of Shikigami III

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1)Captain Rainbow
2)Captain Rainbow
3)Captain Rainbow
4)Captain Rainbow
5)Captain Rainbow
6)Captain Rainbow

I felt kind of bad giving Captain Rainbow to the 6th place, but it's the only way it fits in with all the other games on my list.

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Captain Rainbow, Castle of Shikigami III, Octopus Panic (I think that's the English name) and Excite Bots. I actually had Captain Rainbow briefly, but couldn't see playing a game using a translated walk through. I also had Castle of Shikigami III and Excite Bots when I had an American Wii. I'll probably get the middle two from Japan when I'm feeling more flush since I don't need to understand the story, but it really vexes me that a great game like Excite Bots only had an American release. Lame!


I want poles big adventure, the mystery dungeon games, capt. Rainbow, and la mulana

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Only one I cared about was Tales of Graces and now I have that for the PS3.



Released in PAL but not NA: Fatal Frame 2 Wii Edition and Pandora's Tower

Released in NA but not PAL: Mario Super Sluggers and Excitebots

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Actually, Excitebots was released in Japan as a Club Nintendo reward.

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Shocked to see Trauma Team hasn't been mentioned by any European yet.

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I'm surprised that NPC! Chibi-Robo hasn't been mentioned yet.

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SRArter wrote:

Released in PAL but not NA: Fatal Frame 2 Wii Edition and Pandora's Tower

Released in NA but not PAL: Mario Super Sluggers and Excitebots

I think we know us European got the best deal .

Shame we didn't get Trauma Team,and Captain Rainbow/.

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Captain Rainbow definitely, and Pandora's Tower if it still has yet to be confirmed for NA.

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The Wii games I would buy if they were brought to Europe:

  • Project Zero 4
  • Earth Seeker
  • Trauma Team



428: Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de... Novody mentioned it, but it was anounced i really wanted that ame to come overseas. I was considering importing it if someday it came to at least one english speaking country.




ExciteBots (EU)

Looking forward to: Super Mario: Oddesey

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I'm surprised seeing Pokemon Mystery WiiWare mentioned once.

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Sean_Aaron wrote:

JuLeDoS wrote:

Actually, Excitebots was released in Japan as a Club Nintendo reward.


Shame I don't have a Japanese club Nintendo account; even if I dd there's no way I'd ever have enough points for it. It really would be nice if the Wii U was at least region-free for Wii games...

Here's for hoping.

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Well I just mailed Nintendo about localising Excitebots again. I'm unaware of any upcoming first-party releases before Wii U launch, so this would be a nice one I reckon. I've seen I can get the Japanese version (which includes online play - seems odd for a club Nintendo bonus) both used and new via eBay, but that's a last resort.

I suppose Nintendo could always do stuff like this via the online Wii U shop rather than retail, but I'm not getting my hopes up for that either.


How do people here go about getting import games? Are there sites or forums where you find deals?

I've worked out a few informal trades on other Nintendo-focused forums, but haven't found many people interested in international trades. Too bad, because that sometimes gives better value to both sides. When I can't find a trade, I typically just buy new from sites like Zavvi or eBay.

There are still a couple of games I'd really like get that haven't been localized or announced for North America. On Wii, I'm most interested in Project Zero 2 and Fatal Frame 4, but have little hope for the former and no hope for the latter. On DS, I'd love to get copies of Jam With The Band, Freshly-Picked: Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Sacrifice... but don't expect any of those games to come across either. Oh well.


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