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This is a tread about Wii games and their resolution and how well they play on LCD-tv sets.
Many publishers tend to give (europe at least) crap resolutions on their Wii games. Not even 60hz support in some cases.
Nintendos own titles all support 60hz/480P (as far as I know).

My point is that when you've bought a fine new tv-set you don't want it to be wasted on crap resolutions that maybe looked good on a CRT.

So anybody who owns a wii game (PAL). List it here with resolution and HZ.

I think this will help when buying a game in the future. I, at lest, wont pay for brand new game with 50hz/576i resolution.

My list:

Super Mario Galaxy - 60hz/480P
Link's crossbow training - 60hz/480P




I just want to chime in that VC games have NEVER looked better - N64 games are so sharp and crisp you could cut your finger on them, and NES games have never look so beautiful. I have an HDTV - (a 3:4 model!) and I just adore it, how these games look now, how often is it when things truly DO get better with time, it is like reverse nostalgia, or true nostaligia.....

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Metroid Prime 3 looks amazing, although character models are a little jagged. SMRPG looks horrible on an HDTV though.

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I don't quite know what to say, other than the fact that I love playing my Wii games on a HDTV - and don't forget that to get full use out of the system, you need to use a component cable as well.

One thing I don't like about the Wii picture is sometimes how the games have big fat borders around them, as I rant about here.

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Ive found sine upgrading to HDTV and Component cabels that some of my VC games wont work at all... mainly NeoGeo titles.
Wiiware games on the other hand look fantastic unlike some retail which really look Jaggy.
What I dont understand is how Gameloft can make your mii's look smooth rendered with sharp outlines and yet the mii's on the wii itself look all pointy?!? Surely you would think Nintendo would get the best out of the mii's not some third party company.

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I have tons of games, so I'm afraid I'm not taking the time to list supported resolutions. I will say that there are a number of Japanese WiiWare titles that only support 480i (and actually so does the PAL release of Star Trek Conquest).

The main thing you need to be concerned with if you're connecting via component in Europe is that your TV set supports all interlaced resolutions over component (should be on the tech spec page of the owners manual) and then determine if it will auto-switch (like mine) or if you have to manually toggle them somehow (maybe call the maker's tech support line/check their website?).

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