Topic: Wii console production to cease after almost seven years

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Well the wii u can play wii games so there no point in having a wii(you can find like 100000 wiis used at gamestop)

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The end of an era

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There's point in buying a Wii anymore since the Wii U has a built-in Wii in it and most of the Wii online applications such as "Check Me Out" are already dead. The Wii U could also give you Off-TV play with the Wii. You don't even need a Sensor Bar after you already get the system started. The Wii U is like a built-in sensor bar within the camera.

The only point to look for a Wii is to add it to the collection or find one with Gamecube support. However, you'd also need to hunt down Gamecube controllers and memory card.

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There has been more than one Wii version out there. We have the original Wii, then the one with GameCube support removed, then the Mini. Even if the original Wii is discontinued, the later, cheaper models may still be around. The Wii now occupies the low end of the console market now, and needs to sell at low cost. It makes sense for Nintendo to discontinue the more expensive version if it can make a profit selling the stripped down versions at low cost. Even the Mini can play almost all retail Wii games.



RIP in peace in peace.

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A great console,shame to see it ceasing production.

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