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Topic: Wii built this city, Wii built this city - on bold game de-sign....

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On Wii and DS, actually.....I love the Nintendo rebirth, look at the origional IP's Nintendo has delivered in their revolution. As the game industry stageered under 'epic' games and realism, Nintendo reminded people what videogames actually ARE.....and wow, have they reaped the rewards....well done.

The Wii big three :

Wii Sports (40.5 million)[65]
Wii Play (20.91 million)[65]
Wii Fit (14.01 million)[65]

The DS big three :

Nintendogs All versions (21.67 million)[65]
New Super Mario Bros. (17.63 million)[65]
Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! (16.82 million)[65]

6 games, 5 New IP's - with no franchise to build off of, no commiteed fanbase - and a 2-d Mario. Cannot argue with that. Just read thos 6 names, and think off all the games that have copied or been heavily influenced by them....

Hardcore, casual = marketing. The real divide is between arcade and narrative games.



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Correction: 3 new IPs, two sequels and a 2-d Mario.

Please no "Destroy This!" gags, please.



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Yea, I see the Wii series as one IP, too. But it doesn't really make a difference to the point, I don't think.
Also, Starship played at my small town's fireman's fair a few years ago. It was really sad.

Come on, friends,
To the bear arcades again.



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The wii series is not one IP - lol. The games share creative spirit, but nothing else. At all.

City of Delusion, I guess you are aptly named.....

Hardcore, casual = marketing. The real divide is between arcade and narrative games.