Topic: Who's Your Favorite Brawl Character?

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Falco, Pit, Snake, then Toon Link. Reason being is that Falco has always been my favorite since before Melee (always will be), but Pit is nice when I just feel like messing with my opponents. Snake, however, is pretty awesome, being that he got me through I think Classic mode on the hardest difficulty. Toon Link is great for the Boss Battles mode on Extreme (imo).
In short, it's Falco for sentimental reasons.



I like to play as Link, Luigi, and Falco. But occasionally i'll play as Ness or Lucas too.

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dethmetldon's like this for me
1.Bowser....hands down.....
but if i am playing aganst a friend,i like to pick chars i usually don't use....helps me to learn...
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but this forum is awesome

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Maining Wario since Brawl's release date.
coming in as Nr 2 and 3 are Link and Ganondorf



Sonic is my favorite Brawl character hands down. I love his final smash.

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Sonic, Wolf, and (sadly) Marth.


My personal favorite is Jigglypuff, followed by Ice Climbers, Olimar, Mario, and Ike.
Also, we've done this before.

Best thread ever
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mine is c falcon... BUT MY BRAWL DISC WILL NOT WORk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STUPID DUAL LAYERED DISC!!!!!!!!!!!

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I shuffle through a whole list of them (not many bad ones if you ask me), but if I have to pick a favorite, it's Mr. Game and Watch. Instead of a jab, he sprays pesticide in your face; instead of a kick, he hits you with a turtle; instead of a ranged weapon, he launches fried food; he can't talk, but his taunt is no less humiliating. BLEEP BEEP BEEP. The bell tolls for thee.



Here's my short list. I really just play the same few over and over again.

1. Zelda (no Sheik, ever) - About 70% of the time, she's my power character, none of my friends can beat me when i play her
2. Lucas - About 25% of the time. He's my alternate power character, he's also very fast and fun to use.
3. Peach - Fun, and actually strong against attacks, but not a hard hitting character
4. Wario - A hard hitter, but i haven't gotten good with him yet.
5. Mr. Game & Watch - My wild card. Just plain powerful, and fun

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Lucas, Ike, R.O.B. are my big three. i've been enjoying Zelda/Shiek lately, though... and i used to use Snake often, and haven't been very good with him these days but still use him from time to time.

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Can't decide on my favorite...there's Ike, Meta Knight, and Lucario...and then there's those that I play just because I love their Finals (Luigi and Dedede for example, lol)

...I thought there was a thread like this before already.


Here's my Top 3 (all are equal in rank to me):
1. Ganondorf (used in 1 on 1 matches)
2. Luigi (used mostly for 4 player matches)
3. Wario (always used for 4 player matches)
But when not in tournaments, I use the Random button

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Samus is always number one. Really good with her, but im awesome with Zero Suit Samus, her jump is heaps good. When not playing Samus I would go for either one of the Links (it don't matter, im comfortable with both) or ROB/Kirby.

I absolutely hate Pit.


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Luigi for the win. He just feels right when it comes to the controls (for me).

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I forgot to mention that I'm pretty good with Wario, and with his style of moves it gets us all laughing when I somehow KO someone with a farting attack or something. XD


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