Topic: Who's Your Favorite Brawl Character?

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Nathan wrote:

Ike is my favourite so far. I've won quite a lot with him, including online. Wolf is alright. Captain Falcon, Toon Link. Those three are near the top.

I like the way this guy thinks!

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Ike and Samus are my top 2. And on occasion Luigi. But only when I'm playing for fun, and not to win.



Luigi. The green guy got some skill

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Samus Aran is my favourite, but she was so much better in previous versions. Other than that I also use Sonic and Game and Watch a lot.



My top 3 are Ike, Toon Link, and Sonic.

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I mostly use Captain Falcon, but I have more success winning with King Dedede.

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Is it me, or was Roy better than Ike?



I mostly pick Lucario and Kirby. Also like to play as Captain Falcon and Samus, but I am not realy good with em.

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Bowser, Kirby and Meta Knight



Toon Link and Ike FTW!



Sonic and Bowser

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Pit, Meta Knight, Fox McCloud, Mr. Game & Watch and Captain Falcon.

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You can't beat the great King Dedede . Luigi is pretty cool too.

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Game and Watch and Luigi



Either Ike, Meta Knight, or Wario for me...there are others I play as but only because the Final Smashes are fun to pull off, lol. (like K. Dedede's and Olimar's)


Since this is Brawl, I'm picking Snake. I know he's vastly overpowered, but I just like to use him. He's so very verastile.

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PhoenixSage wrote:

Since this is Brawl, I'm picking Snake. I know he's vastly overpowered, but I just like to use him. He's so very verastile.

He isn't overpowered, no character is unless you count final smashes.. cough sonic Anyways i use ness.



Samus baby, even tho she's half as strong as last time. I hate the zero suit tho, wish zero was a separate character (so i always hold the smash ball for a long time until the match is almost over to prevent having to use zero for long. Other than her, I like a lot of people, lucas, toon link (he still has the best win-loss record for me), mario, and starting to look into bowser for a heavyweight lol. Mario and bowser r usually for coin battle tho

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Toon Link is the best! He's fast, powerful, and looks like a demon when he's in the black color scheme!

My back-up is Lucario, when my friends tell me to stop "being cheap" and using Toon Link.

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