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This has got to be at the top of my most anticipated Nintendo Wii releases at the moment. I loved the PSone version and I can't wait to get my hands on this remake. One of the most underrated platformers ever created. Don't miss it!

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I must admit, when I saw this one on the Playstation I really wanted to give it a go. First I heard of a remake - sounds like good news!



I remember playing the PSone original, and can't wait to give it a proper play through on the Wii, since there has been a lack of many good old adventure / platform games recently.

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What about the GBA games, did you play those?
Another one to look out for when DSiVC comes along, huh?

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I know I'm looking forward to it! I love the entire series (the GBA titles are a real treat that all too many have missed out on) and experiencing the original on Playstation will always be a great memory for me and my sister (she actually rented it, leading to both of us discovering its greatness). I just hope the U.S. version of the upcoming Wii remake has an option for the original Japanese voice overs; I do not like the sounds of the American dub at all. High-pitched Klonoa >>>>>>>> Pubescent Klonoa. Otherwise, I'm loving the visual update and how they seem to have kept the entire original soundtrack completely intact! Can't wait to swipe it off my local Gamestop's shelf on May 6th!

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Klonoa is on my Most Wanted list.



Sure would. The series has gone so downhill since then....



Me I play it on the PS1 and I loved it

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Wiiloveit wrote:

If only the original Crash Bandicoot games were getting a rii-release - that would be ace!

Totally with you there. This may sound strange coming for a Nintendo fan, but I would trade Super Mario 64 for Crash 1,2 &3



The game looks great and I only heard good things about the psx version

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I am looking forward to this game because it looks like an excellent platformer. I'm not a graphics over gameplay person but I must say that the graphics look great also.

How come there isn't a thread about The Conduit?



can't wait for klonoa remake for the wii it's going to be awesome, especially with the newly added content like the reverse levels.may 5th is gonna be a day to remember.

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Wiiloveit wrote:

If only the original Crash Bandicoot games were getting a rii-release - that would be ace!

Yes! A Wiimake of Warped would be awesome! Never played the others though. Think I'll DL them off Playstation Network.
I'd also LOVE to see the Spyro the Dragon series remade. I played the first one a lot as a kid.

As for Klonoa, I've tried looking for the Playstation original everywhere and couldn't find it, so I'm definitely looking forward to this remake. I only Klonoa game I played was Empire of Dreams for the GBA, but I loved it!

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To be honest, I've never played a Klonoa game before, but this is one of my most anticipated games. I'm a sucker for platformers.



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