Topic: Who is your favorite character to play as in SSBB?

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Kirby 0.0

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My top 5 in no order.

King Dedede
Mr.Game & Watch (I review stuff here, check it out : P )

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Ristar the Shooting Star fanboy!

I gave birth to Sheldon & Mr. Randoms

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Falco. Chain down throws to the edge of the stage, forward throw, down air. Your opponent is dead. He is the perfect mixture of mobility and power in my opinion.

I also use Kirby sometimes, as well as Ike, and sometimes pink Captain Falcon, which my friends and I call Camp Falcon

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I always use this guy named Random. I like every character and there's no way I could say which one I like the most. I'm pretty sure I've chosen something other than random just to try out a new character when I just unlocked him/her or to have a match with everyone being the same character.

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I like using these people (in no particular order):

Meta Knight

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Bulby wrote:

pink Captain Falcon, which my friends and I call Camp Falcon

I always just call him Captain Fabulous, and he's the only colour I ever choose for Cap.

The best strategy in the game: go up stairs and pause balls.


I am excellent with the top row, but my favorites are Samus, Mario, Donkey Kong and Link

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Ike. Aether helps when you get pinned, and he hits hard. He lacks a super strong-recovery move (if you're off screen you can pretty much forget surviving, as aether will get you killed unless you narrowly miss the edge) so you have to hit fast and hard, which is something I like in this game.

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Ike is ludicrously powerful, but I'm awful with slow characters.

The best strategy in the game: go up stairs and pause balls.


Toon Link and Ike

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I love to play as Marth because it's the closest I could get to Roy in that game. Melee is definitely my favorite SSB

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I've always been best with Mario.

Though Mr. Game and Watch, Meta Knight and Wario arent bad for me either.

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Do it with a don.


I main Pit, second Sheik. Sheik is fun to play. Fast, and oh that DACUS is awesome~ <3 I use pit mostly whenever I am losing with Sheik on a bad match up.

Kaeobais wrote:

Ike is ludicrously powerful, but I'm awful with slow characters.

Eh, I don't mind any of his attacks unless is jab. His jab is soooo annoying. If you block it, or try to dodge or anything, they can always start it back up with a crouch buffer and if it hits at the right time, say during a dodge, you're gonna get hit. Play any good Ike, and you'll see what I mean.

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Pit and Falco.

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Here is my top 5 :
5 - Lucario ( Haters gonna hate ! )
4 - Pit
3 - Ike
2 - Metaknight
1 - Lucas ( or Claus )

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Sonic and Lucas.



Olimar and Luigi are tied at my number one.
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