Topic: Who is your favorite character to play as in SSBB?

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Four more months until Bayonetta 2.

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or maybe

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Kirby. Easy to use, hard to master. Super OP, though.

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Captain falcon, because he's entertaining as all heck. :3

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I have nothing else to say

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Mine has changed a few times. First it was Yoshi, then Pit, and finally Olimar. He takes a while to master (in fact he probably has the highest learning curve in the whole series), but once you do, he becomes an unsuspected powerhouse. The trick is constantly keeping the Pikmin at the maximum number of six and bring them back to your side whenever they finish a long-ranged attack.

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Sonic and Snake where the only ones I liked.



Toon Link... that is all

Super Smash Bros. Can't Wait!

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WingedFish wrote:

...Olimar. He takes a while to master (in fact he probably has the highest learning curve in the whole series.)

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Mario, Kirby and Pikachu.

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I like playing as everybody, but Peach has been my best character for a long time now.

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He may be weak, but i always favor characters that are extrmely quick and agile.
Pit would definitly be next in line!

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Super Smash Bros.: Link, Captain Falcon, Ness
Melee: Mario, Luigi, Samus, Falco, Link, Young Link
Brawl: Samus, Captain Falcon, Falco, Link, Ganondorf

I play a variety, but the characters have changed over the series, so I either add or ditch some of them along the way. Samus is my most played with Captain Falcon being second in Brawl.


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Link, Lucas, Marth, and Sonic are my favs to play as..

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Wolf. A guy who wears pink and howls at people? Nothing odd about that, no sir.



My top 2 most used characters would be between Link and Samus. I am great with them. I use about 10 other characters very well too but dominate usually more with Link & Samus.

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