Topic: Who is your favorite character to play as in SSBB?

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Personally, I prefer to play as Mr. Game & Watch, but I am interested to see which characters are preferred by others. If you want, feel free to put in the character you are best with too.

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I dunno, variety.

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I play about 15 different characters, but DK is my go-to when I want to lay down the smack.


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Lucas and Pikachu.

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Captain Falcon is my main, currently. Gotten pretty good at landing his attacks, including the somewhat tricky air-down-A spike and the jumping knee attack's full powered lightning connect.

I also play Mario, Fox, Sonic, and Toon Link. I'm not particularly good with Toon Link, since I tend to grab a lot, and his grab is death if you miss.

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R.O.B & Zero Suit Samus.

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Ike is my main and Link is my second.


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