Topic: Which character would you like to see in the next Super Smash Bros. game?

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MegaStoneSmash91 wrote:

Funky+Gamer wrote:

More 3rd Party characters.
Also, i wish they took some characters out. Like Lucas, he is basically the same as ness, just looks different.
Here are some examples.
Mario and luigi
Captain Falcon and Ganondwarf.
Starfox & Falco & Wolf
Ike and Marth
and plenty more.
I like plenty of these characters, but they are taking up space with these characters.

Lucas is not the same as Ness. His specialmoves are pretty much the same, but thay have different skills, strengths, and strategies. Almost all their other attacks are different too. Mario and Luigi are similar, but they have enough differences to keep them both (you can't get rid of Luigi. Ever.) C. Falcon and Ganondorf have gotten quite a bit different since Melee, altough some attacks are still similar. Again, Falco has gotten a completely revamped move set in Brawl, and wolf is completely different than Fox and Falco except for special moves. Ike and Marth aren't the same at all. (Marth and Roy were).

Lucas is completely different from Ness.Different melee attack, up and down smashs and specials. His PK Fire goes goes in a traight line and creates an angled pillar when he hits an enemy. His PK thunder is slower, his PK magnet sticks out (and another thing but i wont tell you ), and his B move is PK Freeze, not flash, which goes slower and just damages the enemy.

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Mega Man, Crono, Neku (from The World Ends with You), Zero, Proto Man, Bass, Fawful, and the dog from Duck Hunt so I can finally beat him up!

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This guy,
and these guys.

Edit: what about her. Queen Koopa!


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I'm not sure if anyone has suggested this yet.. but I would like Mii compatibility. Also, would like to see Funky Kong included (possibly as an alt costume for DK) and Dry Bowser (alt costume for bowser)

As for a real character.. Koopa Troopa

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I want to see professor layton and the guy from scribbelnauts!!! I want to see sonic , and I want to see toad, come on toad is awesome!!!

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This Guy:

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This one had a missed opportunity with midna, I really hoped she would make it... Toads would be fun too, or being a boo, or petey piranha

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Mega Man characters.

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Mewtwo - Give him back, come on, it's the coolest Pokémon ever and the only one that has at least a minimal amount of backstory..
King K. Rool - think about all the possibilities with different costumes!
Fawful - Need I say more?
Ridley - If it's somehow possible... He wasn't that big in Metroid/Super Metroid and he's the only other Metroid character I can think of to be important enough to be implemented.

This game needs more villains

Paper Mario and Chibi Robo would be cool, too.



ummm... CommanderVideo and ... Joanna Dark


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Bomberman, Toad, Boo, Paper Mario, Sonic, Fawful, a green and poisonous toad.

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Dark Force (Dream Land 2 final boss version)



Captain N and Chuck Norris. Mr T would rock as well


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Magikarp... to Replace Goldeen (Never said Playable) and Girantina
also Ouendan Level, Wuhu Island, Photo Dojo Level.

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CommanderVideo in Smash, that would be epic.

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I would like Isaac ,from Golden Sun, to be in the next Super Smash Bros. game!
Picture of him in link above if the picture doesn't show up.

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ballkirby1 wrote:

This Guy:

LMFAO... that made my day.
But in all seriousness, I think any of the Castlevania characters / enemies would be sweet.

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