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Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. I love rpg/strategy

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I never played an RPG before .

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My favorite Wii RPG? It's so hard to decide, there's just so many to choose from.

I suppose if you counted VC games, Phantasy Star IV has virtually no competition since Square-Enix has been holding back. You may as well be asking what my favorite shmup on the N64 is. X_X



Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn, its an AWESOME SRPG
Tales of Symphonia 2, its not bad at all a really great game for fans of the Tales series
Super Paper Mario, its a platformer but its like a hybrid with RPG since it does retain some stuff from the earlier Paper Mario games

for people who want RPGs but don't know what else there is, theres
Opoona, its a bit weird though
Baroque, controls are weird but play it if you want something to play while waiting for the upcoming RPGs
Chocobo Dungeon,don't know much about it but i heard its a good rogue-like

Upcoming, there's
Monster Hunter tri
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles The Crystal Bearers
Tales of Grace
Arc Rise Fantasia
Zelda Wii


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Koto wrote:

Baroque, controls are weird but play it if you want something to play while waiting for the upcoming RPGs
Chocobo Dungeon,don't know much about it but i heard its a good rogue-like

This is for your favorites and recommendations so please don't add games you've never played. Also, I can say from personal experience that Baroque is FAR from a good game.

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wii has rpgs? j/k. i like super paper mario, though not as much as previous entries. id have to be the odd one and go with my life as a king. if u consider that a wii rpg.

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Lode+Runner wrote:

I never played an RPG before .


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Super Paper Mario definetely.

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Lode+Runner wrote:

I never played an RPG before .

Are you interested? The definition seems to get used pretty loosely nowadays. Used to be it was strictly for games that were more equivalent to pen-and-paper style games like D&D where you had parties made up of characters with classes and stats and experience points levelling up over time. People seem to apply the term to some action-adventure games like Zelda and Ookami, but I don't think they really fit the bill myself.

I'm not a longtime fan to be honest. The turn-based combat and random encounters in the first Final Fantasy game on the Playstation really turned me off. Now I'm older and not that keen on the roaming-around aspect of action-adventure games I can appreciate the pacing and strategic element of turn-based combat, so the fact that Tales of Grace is going to use a combat system with a 3rd-person action style really doesn't appeal, but I'm looking forward to Arc Rise Fantasia.

Fire Emblem is really up my alley though. It's like a fantasy version of X-COM/UFO except it has a linear story between combat sections, so there's less freedom, but the core game is quite similar with moving your characters about and then upgrading them or swapping equipment between battles and the risk of non-core players dying.

I'd really love to see more tactical games like Fire Emblem on the Wii, but I think it's a bit niche and I'm happy they exist on the platform at all. The upcoming WiiWare version of Nectaris/Military Madness should scratch that itch as well, but I'm hoping we'll see a Star Fox Tactics style game from Nintendo or another Front Mission game from Square-Enix which is a tactic RPG series where you control mechas.

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