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I just don't get this. They release Pikmin for New Play Control and it's great. But why would they release Pikmin 2 New Play Control just a few weeks later, and for the same price. It's just redundant, why get the first if you can get the much better sequel.



Simply because they're both classics. If I didn't already own them, I would want them both for the Wii.

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Because people would like a choice between the two Pikmin games.



Wait, Pikmin 2 NPC is already out?!

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Thats what I said BellGoRiiing :S

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I've never played Pikmin, so if I were to buy either of the NPCs I would want to buy #1 first just to see how it all started. In Europe and Australia the time between NPC Pikmin 1 and 2 was about 2.5 months. I think that's enough time to let people buy and play #1 before they get #2.

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It's not really a plot-heavy game. The story is kind of funny, I think, but if someone were to buy only one, I would highly recommend 2 over 1, whether it's the original or the NPC. You don't need to play the original to play the second one. That said, both are worth playing if you have money to spare.

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This thread should be more like: "What were they thinking? They release both of the Pikmin games, but none of the Metroid Prime games? That's an insult."

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I have Pikmin; no interest in Pikmin 2; some people feel the opposite. There were actually a few months separating them in Europe and Japan, btw...

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