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The Rock Band web site posted that the weekly DLC of Rock Band 3, is coming to an end, as April 2, 2013 will be the final weekly release of new songs and the remaining singles from the Rock Band Blitz. It was an exciting run of music that everyone can play. I still hope there will be some good songs left for us to download. And they will keep the DLC from Rock Band 2 at 50% off.

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I guess this means the end of Rock Band?
I wonder how many people actually looked forward to DLC each week, and has a library worth of Songs.
It's very impressive going for that long, even though programming should be fairly easy.

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Long live Guitar Hero.


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^Which died years ago.

It's an improving time for rhythm game aficionados. Sure, the most popular are still those atrocious Just Dance titles, but we've been getting some unique titles like Rhythm Heaven Fever and Rhythm Thied (not a big fan of Theatrhythm).

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Rod64 wrote:

Long live Guitar Hero.

Rock Band > Guitar Hero

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Rod64 wrote:

Long live Guitar Hero.

The only decent thing that came out of Guitar Hero was DJ Hero.
Rock Band 3 was brilliant.

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