Topic: Vids to watch if you're hyped for SSB4!

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Just gonna copy/pasta since I posted this somewhere else.

It's only natural to look back at previous SSB videos as well as prediction vids as we wait for the showing of Super Smash Bros. Brawl on 6/11/13. Here's a few videos I recommend watching while you wait!

Shaky (Ness) vs Abadango (Wario) from APEX 2013

  • Pure epicness in video form, just watch
  • Awesome top 5 hopes for SSB4 vid, I agree with alot of the things said
  • Awesome TAS battle!
  • Salem (ZSS) vs Mr.R (Marth) from APEX 2013
  • Mini combo session by Jbandrew & False

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Those are cool, can I get your online friend code on ssbb? I really,REALLY need a friend.I can't tell u mine now becuz my sis is playing Mario Kart wii

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Please post this in the Smash Bros 4 thread rather than creating a new thread:

icymario, please use the existing thread in Online Gaming for Smash Bros Brawl match-ups.

Thanks! :3

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