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I am considering buying all the Mario games from the VC store to collect them. Is this a better option than trying to find the now D/C'd Super Mario Wii collection that came out some time ago then vanished? any ideas?



Actually it'll probably be cheaper to get the Allstars game. Despite being a "limited edition", it ended up becoming one of the best sellers on the Wii and had additional print runs (I think everyone bought it to re-sell on ebay). It generally sells from between £15 and £25 in the UK. I wouldn't pay any more for it.



Super Mario All Stars for Wii is a steal, it is simply the ROM of SNES game, no enhancements, also it hasn´t the date 2012 on screen tytle (or 2011, i don´t know). The soundtrack is lame too. It has only the MP3´s of the principal themes from each game. It last like 20 min if you play the disc.

It could be better they launched the VC SNES game at 2000 wiipoints if they were afraid to loose sales from the NES original games.

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I would just get the originals on VC. They are better in my opinion.

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YOu could try used game places like Gamestop to see if they have any used copies of the SMA Wii collection. I am sure that people have traded that in. Thats how I got my Zelda's collectors edition disc on Gamecube and that had a limited run as well.

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Ryno_Choryzo wrote:

I would just get the originals on VC. They are better in my opinion.

Completely agree. I don't like the redux versions of All-Stars anywhere near as much as the original versions.

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Depends. Do you prefer the new graphics and music from the remakes? If so, get the All Stars version, since I'd say it has the better soundtrack and stuff.

But the downloadable ones are good if you want the original physics, just be aware that they're only the eight bit versions.

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I would get the VC versions. I like the original graphics and sound from the NES more than the remake. It will be $26 for the originals, and most likely higher than that for the disc. I was thinking about the Kirby Collection Wii game, too, and even though all of those aren't out on VC, I'd rather wait. The VC one wasn't even released out of Japan back then, so the VC version holds more value in that aspect.


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