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Thought I would let you know, I was at my local GameStop a little bit ago and they had Mario Galaxy used for 29.99, and Mario Sunshine used for 9.99 for just a few days. I picked up Galaxy as I hadn't played it yet and wanted to finish before Galaxy 2 comes out.

Might want to check your GameStop to see if they're having this deal. It's not on their webpage. Definitely worth buying used in this case to save 20 bucks. Cheers.



That's a good deal,but I have already bought Super Mario Galaxy. You haven't played Galaxy yet!? It might be the best game on the Wii!



I actually bought Galaxy before even buying the Wii because Target was running a special of $30 or $35 on Galaxy one week (this was back in November or December of '07.) Incredible deal since it had only come out a few months earlier.

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