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Hello. I don't know if this topic has been done before so if it has i"ll delete this. Anyways, For those that have played LoZ TP Who do you think Link liked better- Midna or Zelda? I hate to sound like a teenage girl but after the way TP ended I have always wondered who Link liked better. What do you guys think?



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midna <3
she so adorable >:3

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midna she so awsome



Wow Midna is 3/3 so far. Awesome




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Joeynator3000 get used to her imp form...and that stupid scene where you think Ganon killed her. I was like..."Nooooooooooooooooooooo! T.T"
changes game
Then there's Fi. xD
I just like her because of the funny things she says.
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Midna for sure. Zelda was pretty dull in that game.

Midna's my favourite Zelda sidekick ever. She's just lovely, so full of personality and has an interesting back-story. Loved that. I wish they'd done the same with Fi.

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Yeah. After reading all these comments I'm going to have to go with Midna. I REALLY hope she appears in another Zelda game. Or maybe an assist trophy in the next SSB?



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Midna, of course.

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I'd say Midna, out of those two, but it's pretty obvious that Illia is Link's future significant other in that particular game (being that Midna is stuck in another dimension, and Zelda was never more than an allied aquatint, similar to Ashei, but more important).


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Knux wrote:


In Twilight Princess?

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Midna, no contest. Zelda wasn't much of a character at all in Twilight Princess. Meanwhile, you have what is arguably the best Zelda character ever with Midna. Why would he care about Zelda within the context of the game?

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Midna for sure, seeing how much they got to know each other. She started out manipulative and bossy but still managed to warm up to him as frosty as she was. I really like Midna as a character and found her personality refreshing. Most non-villain characters tend to be really up-beat and cheerful where as Midna was cunning and mischievous.



I would also have to say Midna, understand that this was my first ever zelda game, but when i was finished i almost felt like it should be called the Legend of Midna. I didn't know if it was always like that, that zelda is always the person you are saving but a minor character in the game or what.

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